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#674740 - 06/02/04 08:19 AM Rundown on patches and mods (needed)  


I have and played the original OPF (out) 2 years ago and thought it was bloody amazing and damn'd tough at times. Big sense of accomplishment after finishing that campaign (and this comes from a RL res. 1st LT infantry-well back in '92 I should add :p ). I am thinking of reinstalling (however: must finish Far Cry first. Sorry, don't mean to upset ya ;\)

I would appreciate if some(one) would point me to the best sites to get my original OPF up to the best current level, before I engage it again.

'Buy the gold/platinum pack' you say ? Well, I'll
level with ya: I don't need to play everything.

But I'd like to play the best OPF-MOD(s) available.

Thanks \:\)

#674741 - 06/02/04 02:23 PM Re: Rundown on patches and mods (needed)  
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Joined: Jan 2001
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Well my friend, head over to anf get the FDF Mod (Finish Defense Mod) or you might take a look at the Chain of Command Addons (esp. the Arty and Cruise Missle Addon.
If you want to replay original campaigns and missions with uptodate and new addons take a look here Y2K3 .


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#674742 - 06/02/04 03:13 PM Re: Rundown on patches and mods (needed)  
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in order to use most of the best mods i believe you will find that you will need to have resistance and the version 1.96 patch installed. here in the United States the operation flashpoint game of the year edition is sold for $19.95 and it is the best money anyone could spend for a game. if you can find it where you live you should buy it if you can. there are a lot of nice mods available and you will need the 1.96 version to play most of them.

#674743 - 06/04/04 09:46 AM Re: Rundown on patches and mods (needed)  


Thanks fellas \:\)

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