I played the 1.46 SP campaign so many times I can recite all the missions. I wanted resistance or GOTY so I could get the (not so) new islands and campaigns and hook up again at WOF. Picked up a copy from SimHQ and now when I install I get a CRC checksum error for data.pbo, and it quits. I've been to the BIS forum and Avon Lady Troubleshooting FAQ. Avon Lady had the most help, but after reading the steps to try I got a bit hesitant.

First thing they wanted me to try was to completely delete the Windows/Temp folder, scandisk and defrag. Not a problem, so I finish and try to reinstall. Nope. No viruses on my machine, and other games are installed/running fine.

Anyone run into this? I do have Nero installed and they mention that might hork up the ASPI layer, but I don't know what that is

Boy is this a machine...