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#673436 - 06/24/03 04:31 PM Re: *NEWSFLASH* Operation Frenchpoint add-on pack coming soon!!!  
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Originally posted by elanaiba:
I don't uderstand. Toughluck is obviously a moron, but since when have the french become a "race"? If they haven't, how can his posts be "racist"?

Yeah, really. It's kinda like those job applications or other forms that include "Hispanic" under race!! Very stupid.

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#673437 - 06/26/03 09:43 AM Re: *NEWSFLASH* Operation Frenchpoint add-on pack coming soon!!!  
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Dont forget America would probably still have some link with the 'mean Brits' if it werent for the French :p ;\)

but i mean, come on seriousley, a country that thinks differently from you is automatically wrong and should be subject to jokes.
same kinda thing happened to NZ when they stopped American wararmy at the time and see how you fare.... :p

what about the other countries to opposed the war?
and the ones who were steamrolled in ww2, ww1.

and making jokes abotu the French in WW1 and WW2, yes well their Army sucked quite a bit in WW2, but then again, you get blitzkrieged by the most powerful army at the time and see how you fare.... :p

the Americans wouldnt have stood much chance in 1939, their army was smaller than the Greeks Army, (but then again, they managed to hold off the Italians in Albania till germany came-a-knockin)

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