i am not too good creating missions, but i tried this:

camp in the middle of the deep forest,few tents,ammo crates,jeepwreck, watch tower etc. and only couple men guarding it. There was no action in loong time, and it was quite fun. I just placed my men, and armed myself watching the fire and playing poker . 2 men were quarding all over the place. Suddenly -"all,danger" message was heard. A Mi-17 Hip flew over, and i can tell that it surely was not on a fun trip. it went away, but it discovered us, and forwarded the message to an infantry unit, which sent their men in, i went into guard tower and shooted from there. More men came in later,,

basic idea: -guard for a long time in the middle of the forest=no vehicles available.
Shoot the invaders from the cover. I HATE NIGHT MISSIONS!!! hold the base until reinfocements arrive via chinook. After regrouping, arm your men and attack the enemy forest base,,

YOU should create THE MISSION(if you can,i am not too good in it)!!

Me= also FinAF in B-A and Red Eagle in frugalsworld

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