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Patch to version 1.42 will be released Friday 18th January 2002. It remains compatible with 1.40 in multiplayer and it contains couple of fixes and some new additions, including:

- Added: parameter "voiceOverNet" added to dedicated server config (default = true)
- Fixed: AI used binocular too often.
- Fixed: Repeated ".. is down" message when player was killed.
- Fixed: AI units cannot get in ships since 1.40
- Added: browsing in chat history using Page Up and Page Down in chat line
- Fixed: Cessna AI pilot swinging up and down when flying slow.
- Fixed: Helicopter took off after landing even when no waypoint was active (bug since 1.40).
- Fixed: Buffer overflow in XML parsing causing crashes to desktop with some XML squad pages

Just what the doctor ordered!

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