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#667949 - 01/13/02 08:21 PM Question  


I am working on a MP mission for OFP based in the Kosovo war. I am using the UCE East Pack and BIB Un Forces, I am not sure about one thing though.

Which guys do I use for the Serbs (Milosovic et al):

- Yugoslav (Serbian) Army Units (soldier and officer).
- Yugoslav Special Force Police (SJP) Units (military police, MP officer, spec op soldier and spec op officer).
- Bosnian Serbs (soldier and officer)
- Chetniks - the notorious serb paramilitaries (soldier)

I don't think its the Chetniks, my best guess is the Yugoslav Soldiers, but I am not totally sure. Thanks for any help.

#667950 - 01/14/02 08:27 AM Re: Question  
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Paul Morrison Offline
Paul Morrison  Offline

Joined: Jan 2001
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Special police units and the army (only).

The Special police were in charge of the COIN campaign prior to the Air attacks, at which point the army became involved.

However, may I point out that the UN was *NOT* involved in the Kosovo war until after the fighting.

You could use the UN forces and make a really good Bosnia or Croatia mission though.

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#667951 - 01/14/02 10:46 PM Re: Question  


Thanks Paul, I had a feeling you would answer that .

Thanks for the help with the UN guys too, I think I'll just use more KLA guys instead.

A Croatia mission would be neat, but I don't think anyone has released Croats yet . I suppose I could just use the default resistance guys as placeholders though.

I love this game , Kolgujev looks just like a generic Balkan area.

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