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#661062 - 12/09/05 01:44 AM Has anyone used a X800GT with this one?  
Joined: Jul 2003
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SimHQ Redneck
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SimHQ Redneck

Joined: Jul 2003
Posts: 13,786
N. Central Texas
Anyone? I'm thinking of upgrading.


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#661063 - 12/10/05 01:13 AM Re: Has anyone used a X800GT with this one?  
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Joined: Jun 2005
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Dayton, OH, USA
WWIIF works like a bad (or is it bat? ...too much Bruce Wayne on the membrane) outa hell on my new x800xt All In Wonder. Single biggest improvement of any sim. That's with all graphics effects on high, 32bit color, z buffering on quality, 6X AA w/ adaptive (I think), and alternate pixel center. All the problems with text went away with that pixel center thing. Since the Emagin headset works with this one and LOMAC, I'm actually considering getting it in spite of no X-Plane or Falcon support for it. The perfect mouse viewer system in both just has me too excited. Then I'll just have to get F-15 running. WWIIF runs so fast it's surreal. I'm using 98SE, but I also have XP Pro. Haven't tried it on that yet since the upgrade. And Chuck, use the Veteran flight model...number 3 out of the 4. Very close to X-Plane. Wicked's too much like IL2/EAW.

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