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#660552 - 09/13/03 09:27 PM WWII Mods Add on Cd's skins  


I have the old Janes flight sim. WWII. I recently got some Mods add on CDs to add new skins to the planes, and add other features to the game itself.
> 1st, I have never been able to get Trees to show up in the game. I always
> thought it might have been my old Video card not able to render that
> I have a whole new computer system now and the original trees still
> don't show up. I tried to load some of the trees from the cd thinking
> that might fix it , but it didn't. I have a very old WWll game, is
> there a patch to fix this or is there something else I can do to fix
> it?
> 2nd The CD that has the FW190 in the cover, when I load a skin from
> that
> it causes my game to crash to my disk top. I have to go back and
> replace that plane with either the original or one of your skins from
> the MOD cd. (six gun whore, or one of those). Is there something I'm
> doing wrong? I want the George Preddy
> skin, its on
> that disk, I just cant get it to work.

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#660553 - 09/14/03 12:56 AM Re: WWII Mods Add on Cd's skins  
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Your first question is simple. Go into the game. At the main screen go to that top left yellow box, thats your game options. Then, go into 3D settings and in there you will find such things like Detail, Clouds, etc etc. Just go in and make sure all dials are set to at the least, half way. That will bring back your tree's! But just browse around in there and you will find all the settings for your graphics. Second question, I have ran into the same problem. Some skins depending on your machine and settings just don't work. It is all a matter of luck of the draw. I know which skins my game rejects and I just stay away from them b/c as you can see in the main WWII lobby, I just underwent a complete re-install b/c of that problem, skins crashing the game. Sorry \:\( You might just have to find another skin. Misc notes, make sure you have the Patch 1.08, make sure you know whether you are running a High Res game or a Low Res game hense, 256 (low) and 512 (high). If that doesn't help, maby someone else can tell you the exact nature of your problem. \:\) Hope this helps. \:D ;\) :p

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#660554 - 09/15/03 02:33 PM Re: WWII Mods Add on Cd's skins  


Thanks Mac 4.0
I'll try the patch. I do appreciate your help, and this web site. Lots of great info on here.

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