New stuff is now available for what is still my favorite WWII flight sim, Jane's WW2 Fighters:

* MEGA has just released his King Tiger tank ground mod that replaces the default Tiger I tank. Man, this thing ROCKS! You have to get down on the ground and look at it close up to fully appreciate it's hi-rez skin and highly detailed 3D shape. Woohoo!

* Kolodziejski Dariusz's "Cripes A'Mighty 3rd" skin for Rammjager's P-51D model has also been added to the downloads.
This is a historically based skin, the Mustang of Maj. George Preddy, commanding officer of the 328th Fighter Squadron. Preddy became the leading active ace in the European Theater of Operations. He ranks sixth among Air Force aces, eighth among American aces, and is the top Mustang ace. He was downed and killed by friendly fire during the Battle of the Bulge on Christmas Day 1944 near Langerwehe, Germany. Preddy's total score at the end of WWII was 32 1/2 enemy aircraft destroyed. (Darisusz worked off of materials sent to him by the Preddy Memorial Foundation to make this skin accurate.)

* Spudkopf recently sent in a He111H update that fixes up the shape and texture mapping, including new internal textures that are visible when the plane is destroyed.

Get these at:

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