Campaign 3/Mission 5 AAR

Lt. Willy Renner, 0-03121955
B. 07/21/1944
C. 83rd
D. Armed Recon/CAP
E. Clear
F. 2 Fighters / 1 Bomber, 1 Probable

I was assigned to fly Armed Recon/CAP, solo. We took off from Maastricht Airfield at 10:30hrs, loaded out with six HVAR rockets. The mission commander was Major Craig.

I headed 160 degrees to waypoint Alpha at Vervier. At 3 minutes into the mission, I spotted 2 bandits ingressing from Aachen. I radioed the tally and engaged. The first bandit, a 190, came up from very low, and began a lufberry turn. He was too energy depleted to turn tightly, and I was able to pull lead. I fired a snapshot on our third pass which hit. He dis-engaged and began to extend, but he was hit and out of energy. I put several more bursts into him and saw him crash. No chute.

No sooner than I radioed my kill, I was set on by a second 190. I saw him trying to line up on me and began to evade. I scored a lucky hit during my evasion, and was then able to pepper him several more times. He dis-engaged, so I did likewise.

I then began an intercept course on 2 inbound bandits I had spotted earlier. They were 111's. I radioed the Major and was cleared to engage.

As I lined up on the nearest and began firing, I went guns winchester. I also received light flak hits. I pulled around and decided to try using the HVAR I had been saving for ground targets. I lined up from about 15 degrees above, closed to within 100 yards and fired two rockets. They both hit and the 111 broke up. I saw several chutes.

I came around again and lined up on the other 111. I fired four rockets, but only one hit. The 111 continued on course. I watched helplessly as it bombed Maastricht. I was now completely out of ammo.

I radioed the Major of my situation, and he instructed me to divert to Liege. I was coming to 210 degrees and confirming with the Major, when I was suddenly hit! At first, I thought it was friendly fire from the flak crews at Maastricht. Then I realised it was a bandit who had apparently been shadowing me. I had stupidly not checked my six in several minutes.

I was unhurt, but my engine was on fire and my port wing was gone. I bailed and came down no more than a mile from Maastricht.

After Ammunition used: Six HVAR rockets, 2000 rounds .50cal
I claim 2 fighter, 1 bomber, and 1 probable

Lt. Renner