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#657450 - 04/17/01 05:14 PM How Rookies Learn  


Had a couple friends over on Saturday for some LAN play of Unreal Tournamentbut thats another story.

So, Matt has a date with some little chickie, and leaves late in the afternoon. (Some guys just do not have their priorities set right!). Jim stays, and since hes a WW2 Fighters enthusiast and fellow rookie, we set up for some co-operative play.

I quickly fashion a mission with two P-47s tasked to take out a rail yard, train, couple of Tiger tanks, trucks, and associated buildings using the Dynamic Mission Editor. Just to make life interesting, damaging one of the Tigers to 70% will awaken a pair of Bf-109s from the North.

We quickly find ourselves ingressing to the target at 10,000. First mistake: I set the rail site close to a city, and flak immediately opens up. No worries, I call out for us to dive below, as it seems they stop firing when you get down around 5,000 or so. Finding the target, Jim is leading me in. I set up a pair of 500 pound bombs, saving the missiles for later. Second mistake (and I quite counting at this point!): we started too close to the objective. No time to set up and talk about tactics.

Did I mention that there were two Wirbelwinds there, too? Did I mention that Jim is even more a rookie than me?

I see those dreaded 20mms open up in front of me and decide to bank hard and come back around with missiles to take out the Wirbelwinds first, objectives second; I inform Jim of my new plan. I also thought about using him as Wirbelwind bait, but I didnt mention this part. I asked Jim Are you damaged, did the Whirlwinds hit you?

No, I think Im okay. Oops, they hit meIm damaged
Keep flying, Im coming around.

I hear a loud BOOM! Did you drop your bombs? Did you hit anything? I ask.
Sort of
Well, what did you hit? The train? Im the way around now, missiles ready.
I dont know. I flew right into the train yard. Im dead.

Okay, so its up to me to finish the missionthen I start getting a bad feeling about this. That Tiger, the one that needed only 70% of damageI hit the H key and sure enough, there are two 109s hot on my tail. Great. He kills himself and the Tiger. I jettison all the air to ground stuff and see how long I can deny those two German fighters a shot, and who knows, maybe get one in myself?

Then I have an idea. Were just fooling around, learning: Jim, hit Alt-R and get these bandits OFF MY TAIL!

In no time hes back in the fight. Then hes out of it. What happened?
One of the 109s, he replies. It shot me down. Great. I see bad things coming our way.

Jim, that wasnt the idea of you coming back in the game, you know. Just as I finish that sentence, my Jug takes a volley of 30 and 13 millimeter rounds. Aww, dammit. Im hit.
Im back in, Jim announces, as I hit the snow hard, wings ripping off and fuselage breaking in two.

Alt-R, the new Secret Weapon. (Shh, dont tell the 109s).

I again jettison the air to ground stuff, this is a grudge match against the 109s. You know, I really did set their level at Veteran and Rookie. That says a lot about our level of skill.

Well, to make a long story longer, we got shot down again.

Lessons learned: Rookies running head-first into a gun fight are going to take a round up the nose every time. Plan better, work co-operatively, and next time set just one Wirbelwind.

And maybe leave the 109s at home, when youre just learning the ground attack war.

Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum


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#657451 - 04/19/01 08:07 AM Re: How Rookies Learn  
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Spin Doctor Offline
Spin Doctor  Offline

Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 1,266
Maryland, USA

Good story, Pretty funny. Keep up the good work!

#657452 - 04/19/01 08:12 AM Re: How Rookies Learn  
Joined: Jan 2001
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Spin Doctor  Offline

Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 1,266
Maryland, USA
BTW, Dan, I'm thinking of re-installing WW2 Fighters again. I never got into it the first time, so I'm gonna have another go at it. Maybe we could hook up for some on-line stuff. Rookie to Rookie, although, I'm sure you're no rookie .

#657453 - 04/19/01 05:14 PM Re: How Rookies Learn  



Thanks for the compliment; I enjoy the writing. I was thinking that this post was going unappreciated! Your's is the first answer to it in the several days it's been up!

Yes, at WW2 Fighters I am a rookie....dammit, where's the button to launch my Sidewinders!!??

Hmmm, okay, let's keep in touch, but here, because I really want this board to stay active.

That said, I suggest you visit for flight model updates, downloads, terrains, etc.

This ain't yer Mother's WW2 Fighters anymore!

Si Vis etc


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