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#59890 - 06/16/05 05:01 AM New sim: 1944: D-day  


I found it at OFP official forum ...

I wish the 1944 will be BIA + OFP + WW2ONLINE...


Who is Developing 1944?
Frantic Games
What Type of Game is 1944?
1944 is a highly realistic military simulator covering the events of D-Day.

Core Features

Core Squad

1. Control any unit, anywhere on the map.
2. Give orders and take orders based on your rank.
3. Develop a career both online and in single player.
4. Establish a true connection with your squad members via a comprehensive communication system.
5. Establish a legacy - squad members will trust or fear you depending on your actions; watch as stories of your actions travel amongst AI squads over time

Core Gameplay

1. Limited saving for ultra realistic tense gameplay
2. Watch your own personal graveyard fill up with the headstones of fallen squad members (keep them alive to keep a clean sheet)
3. Realistic Physics based on accurate weapon, vehicle and armour statistics
4. Every unit in Normandy is managed and controlled by the sophisticated AI
5. Completely AI driven game no scripting
6. Over 50 weapons, 200 vehicles and all of Normandy modelled
7. Fully mountable gear (take only what you need!)
8. Accurate hit detection that goes down to a per organ level

And much more to be revealed closer to release!
What View can I choose?
Players will have a first person view and a 3rd person view of the world around them. The 3rd person view is very close to the player so as to reduce the capacity for cheating.
Will the game be large scale, like battlefield 1942, or will it be small scale and squad based, more like Day of Defeat?
The game is a bit more unique than these two game systems. The game itself is driven by the AI, and we are currently ensuring that the mods follow the same structure. Currently within the AI the entire command structure for each nation is loaded into the game. This means that every Battalion, Division, Company and Squad will be represented. The benefit of this system is that it easily allows for more realistic and dynamic gameplay, because we can show how a squad plays a role in the overall scenario.
So the AI is good, but where does the player fit in?
The player will take control of 1 member in a squad. This Squad will have X Amount of Members. This Squad will belong to a platoon with X amount of Squads and so on. The orders will come down from the top, while communication will go between everyone that needs to know about a particular situation.

So while it is a closely knit squad structure that the player will be dealing with at a tactical level, the game is at the same time a full representation of the overall army structure, meaning that your actions have a direct impact to the overall scenario. For example, you see a platoon of enemy tanks go rolling past your positions - forget to make radio calls about them and it means that other squads will be in danger, and if those tanks break through then your own position could be in danger, and pretty soon the whole front could be shifting like sand beneath your feet.
How many maps will there be?
There is just the one map, which covers all of Normandy (though obviously one does not have it all loaded in at the same time, but there are no areas bound by invisible walls). There will also be a quick missions option which will have smaller scenarios for the player to jump into which recreate individual major events.
So how does the timing of all this work out?
At the moment we are trying to decide how we should do the timing, if it should be faster than real-life or not. At the moment we are developing it as if we are using a full 24 hour clock. So expect to see assaults happening in an accurate time-frame. Once the boys hit the beach though, the AI will adapt rapidly to the events and surroundings so that things can instantly change from that of history.
Will the player not be waiting a long time if its a 24 hour clock?
No; the player can jump around to other AI units, during times when their current units are not in action. This is controlled via a very easy and user friendly GUI which shows where all the combat is taking place and where all the units are moving. (Except your enemy, obviously.)
So what nations are you having?
All of them.
How many weapons and vehicles will you have?
As many as we can possibly cram in. We hope to cover all major events, covering every nation, every weapon and ultimately giving the most complete WW2 experience anywhere.
Will there be Iron Sights?
Yes, our Iron Sights are slightly different than most games. In 1944 the Iron Sights are controlled by the player, meaning they can raise or lower the weapon to get the best possible shot for a given situation.
That Sounds hard to control?
Well shooting a weapon accurately has never been easy, especially while under fire, but once you get use to our system you will be amazed as to how natural it is. It allows the player to get the best level of accuracy out of their weapon.
Can I Run and Gun?
If you wish, but dont expect to last long, and certainly dont expect to hit all that much, though as in all things it could have its surprise and suppressive uses.
What if my Squad mates die?
We have two main things planned. Every time you die, or a squad member dies, we save the details to a database.

Secondly once your squad member dies, thats it, you are one member down. Until such a time where you can get a replacement you will have to deal with being one man down.
Can we not use health packs?
Wishful thinking! This is war and at times not even a Medic can help you. What you will really need is a priest!
So can you be a Medic?
Yes, the Medic is a rather unique unit, their primary goal is to try and ensure that units are safe, and can be extracted from hot-zones, but during certain events the medics role is simply ensuring that each injured unit has enough morphine to pass on in peace. If that isnt your cup of tea of course the AI can handle it.
So there will be unit classes?
Yes, there will be lots of unit classes. But you will need training to access certain classes.
Yes, the game has a full career system that allows players to train-up to certain ranks. They can increase their rank by either using the training or combat experience. By doing this your rank will increase and higher ranks with more features will be available.
What is the career system like?
The career system will cover all divisions that make up a nations armed forces. This means the player can make a career in the army, which will allow them to progress up through the army, as any person would have during WW2; the more training you take and the more experience you get, the more access youll get to other classes and ranks. For example tank commander, squad leader, battalion commander and so on.
So do I have to do Careers?
Only if you want to experience every aspect of the war; many people will be perfectly happy being a private and performing the many roles available to them, while others would like to control tanks, planes, boats etc.
Right but how are you going to stop me from doing something?
We wont, if you feel like using a plane, feel free. But you will find it more difficult to fly it without any training. This will apply for all vehicles, though certain vehicles or weaponry like jeeps and trucks should be easy to handle.

Training is just a stepping stone to make things easier. It also adds to the atmosphere of the game by seeing yourself expand on your career.

Remember the game is open ended; what and how you do things is your call.
You said you save details to a database?
Yes the entire game stores information in a database, this ensures that AI gets the latest information to manipulate.

Also as a tribute to Cannon Fodder (an old 16bit system), every time you or a squad mate dies, we will be adding a tomb-stone to the graveyard. Each tombstone will allow you access to detailed information and stats on that unit.
I hear you cant save?
Thats partially true; to ensure that the pace of the game is maintained we have disabled saving and quick saving. The game will however save automatically at certain points so as to ensure information is backed up. This save will take place every ten minutes or so, but you will not have access to saving every time you think things will be difficult.
But really, no saving??
Yes there is no saving. We want the game to be realistic, and we felt as a team that Quick Save and Saving ruins the pace of games. The purpose of the game is to simulate Normandy; if you quick save often you can always revert back and change how you do things, meaning that the simulation is pointless because if you are in doubt you can always quick save.

We will test this with the alpha team and they can let us know how well they think it works.
Alpha Team?
We are offering alpha test spots to all dedicated community members. These guys will test every feature we implement and ensure that the game released is the best possible quality.
How can I get on this programme?
We are running several competitions every month, so get in and get active. Any dedicated fan can easily get into the programme.
You mention Mods; is this project a Mod?
No this project is not a mod, we have:

1. 1944 : D-Day : Operation Overlord

This is a full commercial game being developed using the Reality Engine.

2. 1944 Mods

These are free mods. We are using mods to test and ensure our AI code is portable and works well on other engines, and also to provide a big taste of our game to people before they buy. Not quite a demo, not quite a standalone mod, this is a totally new concept in games development.
So what games are you modding?
Half-Life 2 is our first mod, then Battlefield 2, and we hope to follow this with an Unreal Engine mod. We may use other engines if we have enough time.
So why would I buy the full game if I can get the mods for free?
The mods will be limited to small area maps, and will not feature the same number of units, weapons, vehicles or other goodies that will make the main game so cool.

If you like the mods you will love the game and should feel confident about your purchase after playing the mods.
So the maps will be much smaller in the mods?
Yes, because of the engines being used for the games, we can only cram so much into them. The Reality Engine bring used for the main game on the other hand is a very high tech bit of code, and allows us to easily have endless levels.
Didnt Epic Buy out Reality Engine?
Yes they did.
So how do you guys have it?
We got in on the Reality Engine before Epic purchased it, so we are still able to use the Engine.
So if this is a high end engine what specs do I need?
We are looking at following specs as a rough guide:

-1.8Ghz processor
-512 RAM
-DirectX 9.0 graphics card with shader support.
-128MB Graphics Card

So not really all that high, but the higher spec PC you have the better the graphical experience.
Will there be Voice Communication?
Can I use other controllers or devices?
Any Direct Input Device should be available, but we will only be able to test certain devices.

Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#59891 - 06/16/05 05:04 AM Re: New sim: 1944: D-day  


The Official site

Game Features

Realistic Squad tactics based on actual military training guides.
100% Authentic
With over 50 WW2 weapons
With over 200 vehicles,planes, tanks, boats and artillery
All of Normandy recreated from photos, maps and drawings
Realistic controls and accurate simulation.
Every Unit, Every Nation.
New Zealand
And many more
Realistic AI controlling every aspect of the game.
The AI controls the emotions and feelings of every unit
Coordinates realistic tactics and movements
Manages over 200,000 units realtime
Large open dynamic maps, that live and breath alongside the combat.
Animals that react to the combat
Grass and trees that flow with the wind
Buildings and terrain that take realistic damage
24 Hour clock, watch the sun rise as the battles continue
Witness all areas of combat, from all sides.
Omaha Beach
Utah Beach
Sword Beach
Juno Beach
Gold Beach
Point Du Hoc
Bayeux region
St Mere Eglise
And the rest of Normandy full realised.
Large Open Multiplayer and Co-Op system for 128+ players.

#59892 - 06/16/05 07:38 PM Re: New sim: 1944: D-day  
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Drawde Offline
Drawde  Offline

Joined: Jun 2001
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That sounds more or less like my ideal WW2 game... although I'd maybe prefer a less done-to-death theatre than Normandy - maybe North Africa or the Eastern Front - that's really nitpicking when you compare the scope of this game to anything else other than WW2 Online, which is online-only.

I only hope this project actually eventually sees the light of day. The description in the FAQ you posted seems to imply that it's still at a fairly early stage of development.

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