I finally ditched my beloved Voodoo 3 card this week and bought an ASUS V8200 Delux Geforce 3 card.
It comes with ASUS VR100 stereo glasses.

Guess what.. Typhoon is totally AMAZING when run with the Stereo glasses. Its the best performing game I have using stereo.

For the first time I can REALLY appreciate how BRILLIANT the 3d models are in Typhoon.. its totally mindboggling.

Even the triple A is amazing in true 3d wissing around the cockpit.

And speaking of the much hated cockpit... in Stereo it too is amazing. Even the scenes in the breifing room etc work in full 3d stereo.

Dogfighting in stereo is a totally new experience. And the external views are totally awesome with planes flying out from the screen and just missing your nose!

Suddenly Im playing EFT again after 6 months off my hard disk.

Steve Hunt really ought to try this to appreciate what an excellent job he and the Guys did!

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