I recently did a clean install of XP and began to reinstall all of my sims. I put the Typhoon CD in and it didn't autoinstall (others did). No problem I thought, I just dou+ble clicked on the setup from the CD. It started to install. When it was finished the computer rebooted without warning and then XP when through the file checker. It completed booting so I clicked the Typhoon icon. It rebooted my machine. I unistalled it, then rebooted and reinstalled it. Then I set 98/ME compatibility and it seemed to startup. After about 2 mins, it rebooted my computer forcing XP to do another disk check. After this I said **** this s*** and uninstalled it and won't put it back until I get a patch. Probably never.

Life sucks...unless you are flying jets and blowing things up!

Main PC: ASUS P8Z77 - Intel I7 3770K OC to 4.4GHZ - Thermaltake Water2.0 Pro
GeForce GTX 970
16 Gig G.Skill Ares DDR3
Samsung EVO SSD 500GB
Plenty of storage
Windows 7 64bit
ASUS PB278Q @ 2560x1440

SIMPIT: ASUS Prime Z370-A, I7 8700K, H80i-V2 watercooler
Windows 10 64bit
32GB 2400 DDR4 memory
Thrustmaster Warthog - 2-TM MFDs
Saitek Combat Rudder Pedals,4 -FIPs, TPM, Radio, Multipanel, Switch Panel, Pro Flight Yoke
3 - 32" Samsung monitors-1920x1080, 22" Samsung monitor