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#561568 - 07/07/01 01:52 PM WTF - I WAS FLYING A Su-35!!!!  


I was playing the campaign at about 20.00 on the first day. 3 Pilots were dead. Villian was just ferried to an airbase in the middle of Iceland. There were Russian units nearby the airbase.

Next thing - mission is being planned - like normal, THEN HES IN JAIL???

THEN!!!!! Hes flying a Su-35 - the one with the forward canards!!!!!!!!

I had the 73, 73 ER and another missile - my wingman was also in a Su-35.


Tell me how to take and post screenies and Ill see if I can post one for you.

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#561569 - 07/07/01 03:35 PM Re: WTF - I WAS FLYING A Su-35!!!!  
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Are you sure it wasn't a -27M. I'm asking because the -35 isn't actually in the game ( I think). To take screenshots you press the "Print Screen" button on the keyboard, quit out to a graphics program like MS Paint, and hit paste. You would probably be better getting Manteau's Gamer program (see post on this board), as it takes multiple sequential shots. For more info on posting pictures, see
If you have saved in this mission, please look at the UDL file in the Eurofighter Typhoon/Players/p0/sgamex.udl. It contains a list of all the active units in the game. If the plane you flew was a -35, then this file will tell you. But other than the type of plane, flying different skins of planes is very possible. You'll find plenty of posts about it on this board.

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#561570 - 07/08/01 02:10 PM Re: WTF - I WAS FLYING A Su-35!!!!  


Isn't the Su-27M the same aircraft as the Su-35?

Best Regards - Cain

#561571 - 07/09/01 02:04 PM Re: WTF - I WAS FLYING A Su-35!!!!  


The Su-27M is and was the designation for the Su-35 prototypes that were built from various earlier airframe types, at least one was built from an Su-33, and another was built from an Su-27.

Su-35 is the designation for the full new-build aircraft incorporating the increased usage of composites & Al-Li alloy parts.

Cheers, WUlf.


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