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#561303 - 07/07/01 01:03 PM Re: Steve's going from bad to worse! *SPOILER*  
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Tracer[formerly of CS] Offline
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Tracer[formerly of CS]  Offline
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Joined: Dec 2000
Posts: 3,364
Peter, i have/had the same problem -as you read in my post above. One guy managed it with one pilot and 120 CRV-7 rocket's.
Try it with that many and see how you get on?
Attempt from about 2miles rear of it -it's "guns" will outrange your's so don't use them untill you have used all your 120rocket's at it. It's extremely hard 'cause if you close under 2miles you will be shot down quickly.

I tried once with the 120 rockets and gave up.(i had attempted a ludicrous 15 times or so previous) My desire is no longer there, after so many repeated attempts to try and destroy this "Force-field protected" Motherland i no longer play Typhoon. My fun factor was exhausted -a little like your's is going?
I didn't exactly envisage such a *short term* relationship with this game....

I have spent treble the time playing/building missions on Operation Flashpoint....strange how quickly new game's (Typhoon) become history eh?

Good luck


"Flying is the second hardest thing known to man.........the first is landing!"

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#561304 - 07/08/01 01:17 PM Re: Steve's going from bad to worse! *SPOILER*  


Hi Tracer,

Well, I have treid and treid using 120 CRV7`s as well, like the rest of the 3 pilots I had left.

And every attemd ends the same. The Typhoon gets scredded to pieces.
I guess the Rage company doesn`t want to make flightsims any more.. I am not going to buy sims from them any more.
And I am not going to play Typhoon as much as I did. Because there is no fun in that you know how it will end eventualy.
Darn shame though from the money invested into it.

Another point I found a great mis is that there are no different weather types, or night missions.
Okay, you could say n Iceland the sun keeps on shinning, but what about snow?

In the other flightsims from Novalogic,okay old but good. You have all kinds of weather types. And I missed that here.

And then you have at least the change of winning the game. In Novalogic sims at last and of course others.

Personally I don`t think it was a very smart move to end the game like it is ending.
When you know ones the ending, there is no fun in starting all over with a new team. Because you know now how it will end, dispite the campaign building. You end up with all your pilots death. No matter how hard you fight, or how many buildings yo bomb.

So I agree with you, the fun of playing is gone, and that is ashame from such a good and well made flightsim. I think you agree on that.

And I think that Rage has cut itselfs in their fingers by making the end like it is.
No matter what you do, it ends sh**...


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