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#561012 - 06/10/01 03:50 PM 30 Bugs to fix & Suggestions  


1: Strong winds Bail out on the east coast, land on west coast
(Nice bug, saved me from drowning more than once)
2: AI - Shooting cruise missiles from 10 yards, dying in the debris.
3: Shoot Cue, where is that ?
4: F8 key - Enemy View
5: Box around incomming treath (View)
6: Relocate planes if base is about to be captured, atleast a warning.
7: Landing gear warning if not extended on final.
8: What's 1-2-3 Betty calls on incomming sam's ?
9: Airbreak sound drowns in radio-chatter.
10: Remove need to land correctly to end mission.
11: Setting to remove cut-scenes.
12: Remove need to X(it) out of screens, let the menus/screens overwrite the previous one.
13: Make F1 remove all screens/menus, and return to plain HUD.
14: Option to set hud colour to other than Green/Bright Green.
15: Compass, artificial horizon, and throttle/airspead info on padlocks.
16: Multiplayer "mating" service on a OFFICIAL web server
17: Propper multiplayer - Campaign
18: Plug-in catalog for .PDL, .MDL, .UDL, .KDL files
(I.E open it up)
19: Rudder controll - let rudder atleast operate the nose-wheel
20: Option to seperate Fire and Wheel-brake
21: Joystick & Throttle calibration
22: Throttle changes engine sound when in Throttle Autopilot mode.
23: Key to stop engine (my throttle goes no less that %20 thrust)
24: AI - Pilots never bail, even if in a burning lawn-dart
25: More wingman commands: "Cover me." etc
26: Wingman stay in formation after Mission Abort
27: Missions generated with start time in the past
28: Voice acknowlegement on wingman commands to Strike, Escort and WW packages.
29: More savegame slots.
30: Ability to describe saved games

That's 30, RAGE have material for MANY patches right here


Bjarte "FLIE" Johnsen

Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#561013 - 06/10/01 09:49 PM Re: 30 Bugs to fix & Suggestions  
Joined: Feb 2001
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otto2 Offline
otto2  Offline

Joined: Feb 2001
Posts: 211
Landing gear warning? What for?
Not available in the real Jet!
Same for the HUD, in real it s only available in green.
More interesting: Gear damage after lowering gear down at to high airspeed.

All other points well said in my opinion.

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