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#560852 - 06/09/01 05:10 AM Re: Poll first sim you flew.  
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Joined: Jul 2006
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Originally posted by Mram:
While reading this thread I came to think of a simulator named "Bomber,(my memory can betray me about the name). Anyone recognize that game? I think it was set in a red flag type environment and you could even fly the swedish Ja37 Viggen (Thunderbolt).

Strike Aces also known as Fighter Bomber
You could fly 6 aircraft:

F4 Phantom
F15E Strike Eagle
F111 Aardvark in profile
Mig 27
RAF and Luftwaffe Tornado Flight Test
Saab Viggen

Inline advert (2nd and 3rd post)

#560853 - 06/09/01 08:23 AM Re: Poll first sim you flew.  


My first simulation was Sublogic's Flight Simulator 1.0 on the Apple IIe computer.

I also have an original hardback copy of Bruce A. Artwick's "Applied Concepts in Microcomputer Graphics". (1984)

#560854 - 06/09/01 12:01 PM Re: Poll first sim you flew.  


Actually thinking about it the first 'flight Sim' I ever used wasn't anything to do with PCs etc.

My father was a RAF pilot, at that time stationed at R.A.F. Gaydon in warwickshire.
He was one of the pilots fr the navigation Training school .. used to fly pilot for trainee navigators and see if they got home before running out of fuel!.

One day I was hanging around (I was about 12 at the time.. about 1969 never away from the tower..though I did once break into the Nuclear weapons bunker at the V-bomer base ar R.A.F Finningley for a Change.. I used to feed the guard dogs and they used to let me go wherever I liked without barking.. my father got into REAL trouble that day!!) anyway..I was hanging around when I saw some of the pilots trying out a new 'ILS training simulator'. Needless to say I had my turn too (I reckoned at 12 I was the best pilot on the base. I'd flown passenger in everything from an Avro Anson to a Vulcan by then .. it couldn't happen now!)

The simulator looked rather like a Pool Table. The table 'surface' was a rolling map which wound between two rollers under the table. At one end of the map was the airbase with its runway. The moving map represented to approach path.. approx ten miles.

At one ends of the table was the 'cockpit'.. A control yoke, A throttle, and two dials.. a speed indicator and an ILS indicator with the usual two needles.

Sitting just in front of the cockpit was a tiny model areoplane sitting on a bent piece of stiff wire (someone had stuck a home made Varsity on it!). The wire could move in response to the 'pilots' control inputs, up and down or Left/right.

The Map was rewound, and set rolling. The 'Pilot' had to control the model plane using the throttle and yoke, keeping on the ILS glidepath by observing the needles.
If he got it right the model plane would eventualy land on the runway at the end of the map.

It was quite clever .. you could even dial in a bias for a headwind or a sidewind to make things more difficult.

I remember clearly that THIS was the day that I decided that when I was older I was going to make my own 'Flight Sim'. Some ten years later I built my own computer from scratch just using components (an early intel 8080 processor and 256k or ram) and wrote my own VERY noddy version of that ILS simulator. It was RUBBISH.. but luckily just about then REAL PCs came along.. and I was in heaven.

No doubt though the Worst day in my life was when my eyesight went (I was short sighted) and I knew I would never fly in the RAF myself. I wept like a baby! PC Flight sims have ever since been a real consolation... its why I love them so much.

Thanks to all Flight Sim Developers and community members everywhere.. for giving me back my wings!


[This message has been edited by Andre Artymiuk (edited 06-09-2001).]

#560855 - 06/10/01 09:29 AM Re: Poll first sim you flew.  


f-15 strike eagle by Microprose.

#560856 - 06/10/01 04:28 PM Re: Poll first sim you flew.  


Ef-2000, still consider it one of the best sims put out.

#560857 - 06/10/01 06:44 PM Re: Poll first sim you flew.  



For what its worth here's my list of flight simulations in order....

Acorn Electron
Combat Lynx
Strike Force Harrier

Chocks Away
Birds of War

Flying Corps Gold
Longbow 2
Janes F15
Falcon 4
Apache Havoc

Quite a few goes in the real Eurofighter simulator - thanks to an industrial year out from uni with BAE

My overall favourite would probably EF2000, with Chocks Away on the Archimedes coming a close second.


#560858 - 06/14/01 11:11 PM Re: Poll first sim you flew.  


I ain't no dino so my list is short

Started in 1994, with MS FS5 and F-14 Fleet Defender (STILL PLAY THAT!!!!!!)

Slowly progressed to EF2000 (too hard for me at the time), FS95/98, then TAW and IAF.
Made the move to "hardcore" during 1998 with F-15, Longbow2, Falcon4 and more recent EEAH/EECH, Flanker2 and for fun USAF.
And also upgraded my poor Logitech Wingman Extreme stick to my current F-22Pro/TQS/RCS setup, one piece at a time

If I could choose I wish they'd redo Fleet Defender. Still among my favorites!

Jan-Albert van Ree |

#560859 - 06/15/01 08:19 AM Re: Poll first sim you flew.  


Andre, that's a great story.

My first sim; Flight Simulator on a Spectrum (1985)... then after a 10 year computer break, EF2000 - THE BEST!

#560860 - 06/16/01 03:44 AM Re: Poll first sim you flew.  
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Joined: Mar 2001
Posts: 565

i'm a bit late responding to this topic. but here are my 2 cents.
My first "sim" was Jet, soon after followed by Chuck Yeager's AFT and F19SF and Gunship (all on a 286 8mhz).
I realy enjoyed Flight of the Intruder, but the best of the "old" sims, im my view, is Falcon 3 (of course, I played the original Falcon and Falcon AT).

Other Sims (not exactly chronological):

Strike Eagle I & II
Strike Commander
Jetfigher II
Gunship 2000
Flight Simulator 1,2,3,4, 5
Flanker 2
Falcon 4

I've probably forgotten a couple

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