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#560323 - 05/30/01 06:37 PM "Wow, Look at that!!!"  


At an airfield on the coast of unoccupied Iceland, Midnight is receiving a reprimand:

Well pilot, explain yourself.

Sorry sir, cant sir.

Not good enough, I need to know what happened, now out with it.

I shot a T90 sir and broke the game sir. Wont happen again sir.

Good god, you were told to sink hovercraft Well?

They disappeared sir.


Disappeared sir, like I said sir, gone.

We can always do a drug test pilot Now explain yourself.

20nm range sir, 5000, target locked and visible in IRST. Ordered my wingman to bracket the target. Target disappeared sir. Climbed to 20,000 and turned my radar back on, target still disappeared. Climbed to 40000 Erm, sorry to be repetitive sir, but Off the map, as it were, sir.

Alright, alright, but why didnt you just go after the sea monsters instead.

Wouldve done sir, but, er, Baron got them sir. I did have a quick look at one of the container ships sir, but it was spinning on its axis Looked kinda happy like that, so I didnt have the heart sir.

So you decided to shoot up some tanks on the way home Do you know what youve done?

Won the war sir?

Won the war? Won the war? Youve stopped the whole damn war before it even starts. 31/2 more days of this I cant stand it.

No sir, I do understand sir, terribly sorry. I did fail the mission, so it might help a bit sir. By the way sir, how did they swim ashore? If we got all the monsters, and the hovercraft got sucked into the void, and the ships were dancing 20 nm off the coast Who put the tanks ashore? Should we take those drug tests now sir? Can I be first to ram the Mothership this time sir?

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#560324 - 05/30/01 06:45 PM Re: "Wow, Look at that!!!"  





#560325 - 05/30/01 07:00 PM Re: "Wow, Look at that!!!"  


The same thing happened to me, the first two times i played I had to drop the campaign because it became boring, the russians failed to set foot in iceland and with no base to take off their fighters from i wasn't seeing any action other than the scripted events.
The tird time i had to purposely let the hovercraft pass...
These russians surely have no guts


#560326 - 05/30/01 07:10 PM Re: "Wow, Look at that!!!"  


Originally posted by Shiyu D:
These russians surely have no guts

Phewww, now that's a relief. I could have sworn it was the game.

#560327 - 05/30/01 07:17 PM Re: "Wow, Look at that!!!"  



Nice one.


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