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#560136 - 05/28/01 11:15 AM I must say...  
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Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 604
Brooklyn, NY
there is a IMMENSE sense of staitifaction in Typhoon when you acomplish a particularly tough mission.

There was this one supply mission (to the northeast side of the island) with 2 helicopters I had to protect. On approching the target area I encountered one Mig which was an easy kill. He was out of missiles from dogfighter with another plane from our side and didn't put up much of a fight when he crossed my path.

Unfortuantely he must have warned his buddies as 4 more Migs appeared. Everytime I tired this mission I would always get blown out of the sky. it was this mision that prompted me to post the question to Steve about supply missions. I just tried to fly the mission again and this time I tried something different.

I still encountered that first Mig as my saved game was right before that point. After taking him out I decided to go around a mountain to the disignated waypoint rather than straight ahead. Figured since I was the Wild Weasel on htis flight I might as well try to take out any SAMS in the area (which I knew there was one).

Went down low towards the SAM site and waited till I was within 7 miles. Fired off that ALARM missiles and heard my female pilot confirm the kill. Problem was those 4 Migs were still inthr area and had noticed me there.

I fired a couple Meteors at them and ran out of there. I might have hit one..I wasn't sure, but all the while I kept getting missile warnings. I did I pretty good job of avoiding them..weaving around the mountains..but one finally got me and did real damage.

But..I was flying toward one of my airbases and the Migs overtook me since they were flying at a higher altitude. Thankfully the airbases defenses kicked in and those Migs had to deal that now. But now it wan't just me against them, but them against us. Gave me the chanc eot finish them off with a few ASRAAMs up their tail pipes.

Damn, it was exciting. Ok..I had no engine power and red damage lights flashing; but the music stopping let me know it was all over. I'd won. I had to eject when i lost too much speed in a turn trying land (at the helpful nearby airbase); but I won!!

Maybe I'll have to load up that saved game (saved AFTER I shot down those Migs of course ), and try to land that damaged bird, Anyone try a belly landing yet?

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#560137 - 05/28/01 12:23 PM Re: I must say...  



I've tried belly landings quite a few times in EFT. You get your bird down and skid along the runway until you slow down and finally come to a stop. Then there is a pause of a second, the plane explodes and you end up in hospital... Happens everytime



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