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#558427 - 05/10/01 12:16 PM Yippie  


Typhoon is available in Holland..I got my copy reserved...

gonna get it tonight ....

I'm so excitedt just wanted ya all to know..

Widowmaker aka Metalhead

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#558428 - 05/10/01 08:26 PM Re: Yippie  


Got the game and played for only 30 minutes now

what a dissapointment at first glance..I decided to fly on saying to myself this cant be true..for a DID game
flew some more and after 15 minutes in the first day I got all excited...those by the minute updates are cool..this changing of pilots is very cool...and I was very sceptical about this one..The selection of sounds ...both EF2000 and ADF/TAW and new ones are very cool for us veteran pilots...
Cool coool cool... ...

Athough not near to the EF2000/Falcon4 all time favourites in a flightsim way....It got me turned on to playing a game

No lets get to playing..

Congratulations Very good


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