Bow your heads folks
Assassin is dead
He was killed by a piddly-ass SAM from a group of tanks.

The end was swift, no time to eject.

A good time to stop and get some sleep I think. It is 3.35 am.

Steve this game is a work of art. Thanks to you and your team for stealing my Saturday away from me (and no doubt a lot of my future time).

The ironic thing was that I had gone to London on Friday (with another TF colleague in tow) for the Operation Flashpoint meet and greet with Codemasters. I insisted on a trip to EB to pick up EFT so I wouldn't have to wait until the next day to play it. We got our 95 % complete version of Op Flashpoint and I've hardly played it due to EFT.

Flashpoint has been a real favorite of mine recently - been playing various preview versions courtesy of Codemasters. It's just struck me that the game does for immersion in combat with Grunts what EFT does for modern air combat. An interesting trend developing perhaps. Immersion must be the in thing.


Harry "Kingfisher" Neary