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#557187 - 05/05/01 10:14 AM Creating web site...  



I'm liking this sim more and more, but I'm still really annoyed about lack of rudder support and lack of manual flare and chaff support.

Anyway, as the manual is distinctly lacking, especially where the capabilities of weapons (range, best targets) is concerned, I thought I'd have a go at creating a web site with information - and generally a Typhoon site in general.

For example, the Penguin's range in real life is 25 nm - I haven't hit a ship with it in Typhoon over 7 nm (even at 10,000 feet).

I really want to like this game (that's why I want to do this web site), but I really hope Steve and the rest of the team could come up with some way of letting us release manual flares etc (rudder will be hard because it means changing flight model) and possibly some of the other issues.

BTW, while I'm on the topic of Rudder, watching the AI typhoons shoot targets with guns is just funny. They end up rocking from side to side because they can't use the rudder. It just shows how much it's needed.

Anyway, I'm going to completely wipe my machine this weekend and re-install.

I'll try and have a basic framework for the website done over the bank-holiday weekend.

If anyone has any other ideas or suggestions, then please tell me.


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#557188 - 05/05/01 01:26 PM Re: Creating web site...  



I 100% agree. Typhoon NEEDS a manual rudder. It's the only issue I have with it ( the moment ).

It just don't feel right without it. As for the AI controlling the rudder, I'm finding that very hard to believe. It may move in external views but it does bugger all to the flight model.

Looking forward to visiting your site.



Hengist's MiG Alley Site.

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