Maybe it's just me.., the camera needs to be toned down a little. Compared to the camera in TAW (was just watching the first demo in that game); the one in Typhoon tends to jump from shot to shot way to quickly sometimes. Usually going from nice long shots to weird close ups. Now I really do like the zoomed in look, but when it does that during a dog fight sometimes you have no idea whose shooting at the target. I've seen the Tornado in the demo appear to just fall out of the sky and crash. It's possible that it crashed into the side of the mountain; but from that close it's hard to tell.

Speaking of being that close, I don't think it helps in the case of planes crashing. Being that close just shows the planes going into the ground and more often then not it looks like the smoke and flames are coming from underground. Now this may be a limitation of the 3D engine; but if this was being seen from above and further away you would never notice.

Speaking of the explosions, after watchign the demo for what seems like the 100th time, I got to agree with someone else's comment..the smoke dies out too soon. The smoke effect in TAW appears to last longer.

Steve, I'm not trying to bitch. Heck if you didn't change any of this I'd still buy the game. In the real game I probably won't be sightseeing as much.

Having said all that, I will admit often the camera does set up some beautiful shots.

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