Ok Ok,

Putting aside the 'button pushing' argument I'd love to know why things such as the TAW AWACS view, mission planner and ACMI were not implemented in Typhoon. After all I doubt DiD/Rage completely started coding Typhoon from scratch. I'll buy the 'we wanted to make a pilot sim and an accessable game' to a point, but surely these omissions would have added to the game AND were already at least partially implemented.

Let's see (all IMHO):

EF2K - great sim, good campaign, lacked ground war (active ground objects), mission planner & ACMI.
EF2K + Tactcom - added mission planner.
ADF - great sim, added ACMI & active ground objects, lost campaign & mission planner.
TAW - excellent sim, added campaign, (fairly static) ground war, mission planner, AWACS.
Typhoon - ?, supposedly adds fully dynamic campaign with ground war & external events, adds pilot management system, adds futuristic aircraft. Supposedly removes AWACS, ACMI, Refuellers, Full Mission Planning etc. WHY?

If Typhoon does very well (hope it does) and introduces loads of new people to the genre (hope it does) could we please have another sim/game/whatever from DiD/Rage combining all of the above. Please? Pretty Please?
Failing that could ACMI etc. be added as an extra? I'd pay