Hi all.

I had finally my GeForce 2 video in and out working last night, and I have some good news for all.
2 years ago, before moving here to the states, I saw the best air show ever, and it's all on tape

The air show was in occasion of the AI ( Italian Air Force) commemoration and comprehends:

On display:

F15, F18, Tornado, F4Phantom, and others.

In flight

EF2000, MiG29, F16, Mirage2000, TornadoADS, Saab Draken, Saab Viggen, Harrier

Patrols from:

UK , 8 elements

FR 6 elements

SP 6 elements

CH 5 elements

ITA 10 elements (Awesome display)

I will be putting some .mov files on my web site soon, but if anybody has the possibility to easily duplicate VHS tapes, or convert from Hi8 PAL format to NTSC VHS format please let me know, I would like to give copies of the tape to anybody in the messageboard and I don't have a 2nd VCR.

Hope you'll like it !