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#555491 - 01/22/01 05:16 AM More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys!!  
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Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 5,955
St Charles, MO

Leon and I have found that the Multi-Player Cooperative missions can be flown off-line. These are scripted missions intended to be flown and your buddies against a variety of A2A and A2G targets.

These missions are not connected to the campaign at all. They are just mega-fun shoot-em ups. Some of you have expressed the idea that you just want some simple fun after a hard day at the office...well, this is it!

I think I'd buy this sim just for these missions!!

Imagine a super-TAW type of A2A...but with much better graphics. The views are great...two padlocks and externals, one for your target and one for the highest threat. I blasted into this furball of MiG-29s, and the fight was on!!

I gotta get this thing programmed on my TM F-22 stick...before I break my keyboard! I was twisting and turning, the DASS was popping chaff like crazy, I kept mashing the F2 and F3 keys to cycle between target and the gomer who was trying to sneak into my six, and the snake on my gunsight was going bonkers as I tried to get a solution on the Fulcrum. Finally, I kissed off the LCOSS and went back to basics with the fixed gun line symbol. I took little snapshots at the 29 until I figured out where the gun was shooting...then it was so long, Boris!

Guys (and gals too)...I think you are going to like this!


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#555492 - 01/22/01 08:12 AM Re: More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys!!  


Do you think they'll use the thread title in the marketing?

Would be great to see it on the box.

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#555493 - 01/22/01 03:28 PM Re: More Fun Than A Barrel Of Monkeys!!  


Ahem, I think you'd have some licencing issues with LucasArts then... .


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