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#555319 - 01/05/01 03:56 PM Read "Red Storm Rising" to get an idea what typhhons about  


Alot of people don`t seem to get what Typhoon is trying to be so here`s my suggestion, to get a good feel for what kind of atmosphere the Guys at rage are going for try reading the Tom Clancy book Red Strom rising. After reading this book last year I wished I could play a combat-sim that brought home the feel of this book, its a must for anyone who`s into combat simulations. Anyone who`s read this book post back to say if you agree with what i`m saying.

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#555320 - 01/05/01 04:22 PM Re: Read "Red Storm Rising" to get an idea what typhhons about  
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That's not a bad analogy!

Here's Typhoon in a nutshell...

The Russians invade Iceland by sea. You are in the Icelandic defense forces. Your immediate goal is to provide air superiority to allow NATO ground forces the time to get the invasion halted.

If you do your job right, this will happen. Then, NATO will go on the attack. Your missions will now expand to include strike, escort, anti-shipping, Wild Weasel, as well as counter air.

If you do this right, NATO will have success.

But then the Rooskies will come up with some devilish plan to undo your good works...and you will be fighting for your life again!

Yawn....sound pretty dull to me...

I'm looking forward to it!


#555321 - 01/08/01 05:07 PM Re: Read "Red Storm Rising" to get an idea what typhhons about  


Sounds a little more interesting then some of the failed sims out there. In a way it sounds a little bit like microprose old stealth fighter from my C>64 days, except you were carrier born in that game. Similar but different. I too look forward to Typhoon.

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