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#49551 - 01/01/05 11:21 AM Uncompressed + editable "Operation Tiger Hunt" skins available for D/L  
Joined: Jun 2001
Posts: 329
Drawde Offline
Drawde  Offline

Joined: Jun 2001
Posts: 329
For anyone who has this game (if not, it can be purchased online at - here are all the vehicle skins (in .TGA format) for Operation:Tiger Hunt. I've decompressed them with ImageMagick Display so they can be viewed and edited in Photoshop, PSP or any other image editor which supports .TGA files. Read the readme.txt for info on how to get the skins in-game.)
I haven't got round to doing any proper reskins yet, but certainly will in the future!

The file is over 4MB and I'm not sure my webspace can take too much bandwidth, so if anyone else wants to mirror this file,
please do!

Stay tuned for the "realism mod" I'm working on, it's very basic but adds things like slower turret rotation, longer main gun reload times, realistic maximum speeds, etc.

In the next few days I will also put up a basic web page with the download links.

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#49552 - 01/04/05 01:49 PM Re: Uncompressed + editable "Operation Tiger Hunt" skins available for D/L  
Joined: Jan 2001
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Ivor H Offline
Ivor H  Offline

Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 465
Thanks and good work, Drawde. TH is not bad and is ceratinly one of the best looking tank games around (despite the poorly-animated infantry sprites). Is there any prospect, from what you've discovered, for user-made, realistic missions, and/or bigger terrain areas?

As you said in an earlier post, the stock missions are not TOO daft, but it would be great if your tank could get a full ammo load, and the in-game health packs, and the fuel and ammo packs were disabled. If these can't be disabled, maybe they could be reduced in number, repainted so as to look less silly, and the "magic" reloading sound replaced with sounds approximating to an AFV being bombed up or POL'ed as appropriate, and the time increaded - a bit like the system in Op Flashpoint. The health one will really have to go though, unless it can be made to work like a visit to a Light Aid Detachment ie repair damage slowly, more like OFP instead of what I suspect it is now (extra armour?)!

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#49553 - 01/05/05 06:10 PM Re: Uncompressed + editable "Operation Tiger Hunt" skins available for D/L  
Joined: Jun 2001
Posts: 329
Drawde Offline
Drawde  Offline

Joined: Jun 2001
Posts: 329
I'll hopefully release the first version of the realism mod soon. There are no huge changes and additions in it
but I think it significantly increased the realism of the game. When it takes over 5 seconds to reload your main
gun, and your turret turns at a realistic speed of 24 degrees per second, you have to think about what you're doing
far more! Using terrain and cover, and constantly watching out for enemy armour and AT guns (if they spot you first,
you might not be able to get your turret traversed quick enough before they hit you) are very important, and you
need to make every shot count - if you miss the first time you might not get a second chance!

I'll also try and see if I can increase the ammo loadouts, and reduce the fuel usage rate.
It should certainly be possible to repaint the ammo boxes, but I'm not sure that adjusting or removing them is possible
without mission editing.

Unfortunately map/mission editing doesn't seem to be possible, I've been speaking to another
SimHQ forum member who has the CD copy of the game (with uncompressed data) and he says that the mission
files are in binary format. However I'll keep investigating!

Another thing I'd really like to improve is the sounds. The "pop" sound of tank main guns and the faint lawnmower-engine
sound of moving tanks is absolutely pathetic, even though the explosions and ambient sounds are good.
I'd also like to replace some of the ambient gunfire sounds with more distant, fainter effects (as in "Combat Mission"), it's rather silly to hear loud machinegun fire and infantry shouting nearby when there are no other troops or tanks within miles!
Unfortunately the sound files are all packed into a single compressed archive, at least on the online download version.

The developers appear to be Spanish, I've no idea if it is possible to contact them for help with modding (as happened with "Wings of War")

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