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#4644381 - 03/27/24 07:16 PM Examples of settings and what they actually do...  
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Joined: Sep 2014
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Is there any chance that we could get more detailed explanations of some of the settings? I'd personally really like to see more detailed descriptions for most, if not all, of the settings.

I have an i7 12700K and RTX3080, running the game at Scenery Density 5 completely guts my frame rate (which is odd because the FAQ says these settings are meant for 3080s or better) - I can keep a stable 60FPS with everything but this one setting being maxed.

The issue I have is that the numbers mean relatively little. What is the actual difference between settings 4 and 5? Less cows? Lower poly scenery models? Less models?

There's just not enough information to discern what is being changed, what the loss is, what is improved, etc.

What is Terrain Detail? The resolution of the terrain texture? The quality of the terrain bumpmap?

I'd assume Aircraft Detail is the poly count of the aircraft model? Obviously separate of the skin resolution given there is a separate setting for that.

Effects Quality? Which effects? The artillery explosions on the ground? Bits of wood and canvas when being shot?

I'm genuinely not trying to be obtuse, I'd just like to better understand what I lose and gain between these settings aside from FPS.

#4644394 - 03/28/24 01:49 AM Re: Examples of settings and what they actually do... [Re: Space_Ghost]  
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Same goes for me Space_Ghost.

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#4644488 - 03/30/24 12:20 PM Re: Examples of settings and what they actually do... [Re: Space_Ghost]  
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Joined: Mar 2003
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Aircraft Detail is model quality - i.e. reducing it forces the sim to use lower "LODS" of models. However, these days we'd say leave it on 5 anyway as modern systems can handle aircraft models very well.
Terrain Detail is the sharpness and quality of the textures of the terrain. Lower settings will make outer areas (i.e "rings" of detail going out from the player) worse, more blurry etc. The lower the setting, the more blurred. The sharpest area is normally below and around the player, then the rings extend outwards.
Scenery Density - is the objects, trees, detail at airfields etc. Lower setting reduces trees, and some objects, and reduces them going outwards too. Scenery Density 5 is still really for future, as it's often been revised over the years and various updates. I run on 3 here, sometimes 4, and I have a 3080 Ti and an I9 11900KF. I don't have all the numbers, Winding Man would be able to elaborate on the details, but not much point really. Just run it as high as you can for the best visuals for you - if 4 works that's fine.

Effects Quality - again leave on 5 these days will make little difference reducing but mainly reduces the number of parts in an effect so it looks less and less good wink
Cloud Quality, reduces the numbers of clouds and quality of the rendering slightly.

On modern systems, the two that have the most effect are
Scenery Density and Terrain Detail, the rest can be left on 5 these days.

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#4644502 - 03/30/24 08:04 PM Re: Examples of settings and what they actually do... [Re: Space_Ghost]  
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Joined: Sep 2014
Posts: 116
This is super helpful! Thanks Polovski.

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