So after many years of not playing flight sims I have the itch again. What I'm hoping someone can help me with is recreating a script I used to use for trim axis that worked great but for the life of me, I can't find my old script files in my backups and I can see the thread on the old ch hangar through web archive, but the thread that has this script isn't accessible.

Essentially what the script was is as follow:

microstick is pressed in a direction, on a button press, the position within the axis is held. on a shifted button press, the axis is reset.

It's been almost 10 years since someone helped me create this script and there isn't much chance I can do it again without some guidance. If anyone can help I'd be very grateful.


*edit* found the script on the ww2ol forums, here it is for anyone interested.

// CMS Script File
// Game Title:
// Written By: Madrebel
// Date: 8/20/04
script //Analog TRIM on Ministick
IF( NOT JS1.B3 ) THEN // If Button 2 is released then
CMS.A1 = JS2.A1 + A1; //add the X offset to the stick X value
CMS.A2 = JS2.A2 + A2; //and add the Y offset to the stick Y value

SEQUENCE WAIT( JS1.B3 ); // Wait until Button 2 clicks
A1 = JS2.A2 - 128; // Calculate the X offset and save it in A1
A2 = JS2.A3 - 128; // Calculate the Y offset and save it in A2 ENDSEQUENCE


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