Developer Diary 01 dropped on July 25th, Developer Diary 02 dropped on August 28th, Developer Diary-03 dropped on November 02nd, Developer Diary-04 dropped on November 30th and Developer Diary-05 dropped on December 27rh, 2023.

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DD 03:
(Posted November 02, 2023)

Dear Pilots,

Our work on Combat Pilot continues and we have completed our first official 6 months as a team and results are positive. The hardest part of creating something out of nothing is creating a strong foundation for where we want go. You have to walk before you can fly, but when tangible progress is made it's very satisfying to see. Right now, that work is focused on physics, flight-modeling, research (technical and historical), and 3D assets. But even somewhat straightforward tasks like building models requires research and finding the right artist to make what you need. And until you establish some standards it’s a little bit like stumbling around in the dark. When it comes to art and 3D assets we are starting to find our groove and you can see that in the pics I’ve chosen below. We hope you like them and it’s an example of where we are headed stylistically.

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Over time I will finish these out with the images and full text


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