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DD 02:
(Posted August 28, 2023)

Dear Pilots,

Welcome to our second Developer Diary for Combat Pilot! Today we are showing off a very famous U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps fighter – the pugnacious F4F-4!

The Wildcat as it was called was the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps’ front-line fighter when war broke out. Like the Zero it fought in all the major early war battles and helped blunt the Japanese juggernaut during the first critical year of the war. The Wildcat was outclassed by the A6M in just about every way and losses were high. Several F4F pilots earned the Medal of Honor for their bravery while flying her and even though outperformed, many pilots became aces in the F4F series. American pilots had to invent new tactics to compete with the Zero including the famous “Thach Weave” that focused on teamwork to down A6Ms.

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