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DD 01:
(Posted July 25, 2023)

Dear Pilots,

Welcome to our very first Developer Diary for Combat Pilot! We hope this will be the first of many to come as we continue to build our initial prototype and get ready to take flight.

Today we want to share some images of our early work which includes the legendary Mitsubishi A6M2 Type 0 Model 21 flown by the Imperial Japanese Navy. The Allies assigned it the code name Zeke, but most remember it as simply the Zero. To Japanese pilots it was known as the Rei-sen. The A6M was extremely successful in the early months of the Pacific War and was superior to its American and Allied opponents like the F4F Wildcat and F2A Buffalo. It was built in large numbers throughout the war and several different variants were produced. The A6M2 Model 21 saw action in all the important early Pacific battles such as Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea and Midway and the A6M in all it's various forms continued to see service throughout the war. The Zero has become possibly the most recognizable icon of the Pacific War.

We are building a flyable A6M2 to be featured in Combat Pilot and as you can see work is progressing and its beginning to take its very famous shape. It’s a long way from completion still, but you can be assured we will keep you informed of its progress. We also plan to have a Japanese aircraft carrier ready for her to operate from when our prototype is ready. ard tasks like building models requires research and finding the right artist to make what you need. And until you establish some standards it’s a little bit like stumbling around in the dark. When it comes to art and 3D assets we are starting to find our groove and you can see that in the pics I’ve chosen below. We hope you like them and it’s an example of where we are headed stylistically.

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