September 13th OF FIRE!!!!! Saturday, January 20, 2024 at 20h00 GMT on the ATAG Axis vs Allies Public Server.

OK, everyone: pack your cold weather gear and dig out your tropical uniforms!

This event will require the Tobruk dlc to be installed.


The governor of Italian North Africa, Italo Balbo, at the beginning of hostilities on 10 June 1940, began to take measures to stem English resourcefulness by moving troops and materials from Tripolitana to Cyrenaica. But to further worsen the situation for the Italian forces, the plane on which he was traveling was shot down by anti-aircraft fire in Tobruk at the end of June 1940. He was replaced in command by Marshal of Italy Rodolfo Graziani, former Chief of Staff of the Army, and previously already in Libya, leaving a bad memory for his methods towards the troops and the population. Under the leadership of Graziani, in the summer of 1940 the Italians organized light armored forces through which they gradually repressed English aggression. Meanwhile, the 10th Italian Army began preparations for an offensive in Egypt. In this mission, we will retrace history to the day the offensive began. Some German planes, even if historically not present, will participate in the actions, to make the clash in the skies more engaging for the pilots..., of what was one of the hardest days of the first offensive of the Italian invasion of Egypt.

In this mission, there will be no spawn point on take off, and land, to conclude the you were taught in flight school...Fair Winds!!

Pernix Mission

Army Red


Date: 13th September 1940

Time: 06:40 AM

Weather Conditions: Clear

Wind Velocity: 1 m/s from SE

With Italy's entry in war on 10 June, the situation on the border with Libya became increasingly tense.
In recent days the clashes along the border have become more and more numerous, it is evident that the enemy is preparing something.
At the moment we do not have tanks along the front line - the few at our disposal are kept in reserve in the rear.
This is why our troops will probably not be able to withstand a strong attack, so they will need all the support possible from our air force.
In that case the orders are to withdraw to Halfaya and Alam Barghut airports.
Our Hurricane I-FB/Trop are certainly our best aircraft; they must be used with care!
1) Before attacking any targets on the ground: identify them, remembering that:
- if they are "light" vehicles it means that they are our columns in retreat
- we do not have "heavy" vehicles near the front line
2) At 8:15 AM, two squadrons of Blenheim IV/Trop will depart from Sidi Barrani to attack the enemy Gambut N.2 airport.
Rendez Vous:
a) Buq Buq, 8:27 AM.
b) Sollum, 8:32 AM.

- No. 33 Sqn. - Home Airfield: Sawani el Qasn L2-8

Aircraft Available:
Tiger Moth
Gladiator II
Hurricane IID
Kittyhawk Mk1a

As a fighter-bomber you will have the opportunity to assist the Blenheims in their attacks on any enemy tanks.
Any tank moving east is a valid target!
Once the bombs are dropped, patrol the front to support our fighters.

- No. 112 Sqn. - Home Airfield: Sidi el Barrani West1 O4-7

Aircraft available:
Gladiator II
HurricaneI FB
Kittyhawk Mk1a

Maintaining the control of the sky will fall mainly on you.
In case of retreat, cover our columns from enemy attacks.
While the enemy is equipped with faster fighters than yours, none can compete with you in terms of maneuverability!

- No. 14 Sqn. - Home Airfield: Sidi el Barrani West2 O4-9

Aircraft available:
Blenheim IV
Wellington 1C Late

You are the only ones able to delay the advance of the enemy columns.
Remember that every minute gained will allow our troops to reorganize a second defensive front.
Any tank moving east is a valid target!


Mission by Pernix

Army Blue


Date: 13th September 1940

Time: 06:40 AM

Weather Conditions: Clear

Wind Velocity: 1 m/s from SE

Today at dawn the assault on the enemy positions is finally expected.
The attack will take place on three fronts:

a) The NORTH tank group will have the task of conquering the city of Sollum and chasing any fleeing enemies. (Fort Capuzzo -> Sollum)
b) The CENTRAL tank group will attack Halfaya pass and then turn north to cut the enemy's retreat. (Qabr el Shinishi -> Halfaya Pass)
c) The SOUTH tank group will break through deep behind the enemy lines to wreak havoc on their line-up. (Nezeut Ghirba -> Halfway Hous)

The columns of supply trucks will follow the tank columns at a safe distance, so at the moment we will have no "light" vehicles near the front.

The task of our air force will be to strike at the retreating enemy columns and provide support to our tanks as they advance east.
Any fortifications, artillery positions and minefields must be attacked by our Cr.42, Br.20, He111 aircraft.
Once the bombs are dropped the Cr.42 will join the G.50-MC202-109 to protect the tanks from possible enemy attacks.

Before attacking any targets on the ground identify them, remembering that:
- if they are "light" means they are probably enemy columns in retreat
- The enemy does not seem to have "heavy" vehicles near the front line

- 77th, 78th, 73rd and 83rd squadrons - Home Airfield: Sidi Azeiz D5-9

Aircraft Available:
MC 202 III
As a fighter-bomber you will have the opportunity to assist the Br.20 bombers in their attack against enemy positions and columns.
Every retreating truck is a valid target!
Once the bombs are dropped, patrol the front to protect our troops.

- 6 squadron / 2 group / 150th squadron -Home Airfield: Bir el Baheira N.1 E7-5

Aircraft Available:
Bf109 E7
MC 202 III
Your task will be to assist our Cr.42 in maintaining the air supremacy.
You are certainly our fastest fighters.

- 35 squadron / 86 group / 191st squadron -Home Airfield: Gambut N.2 B7-8

Aircraft available:
He111 H2

Your task will be to attack any retreating enemy columns, fortifications or minefields.
Thanks to your load of bombs you will be able to wreak havoc among the enemy ranks.

Avanti Savoia!!!

Mission by Pernix


HP Omen Laptop 15, AMD Ryzen 5 5600H 16 GB DDR4 RAM, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Laptop GPU 6 GB VRAM Win 11 64 bit, Nvidia GeForce Driver ver 512.95, TrackIR 5, Gear Falcon Trim Box, Gear Falcon Throttle Quadrant, TM16000 joystick, TM Warthog HOTAS, CH Quadrant, Saitek Pro Combat rudder pedals