1998 was a different time. Hollywood welcomed Don Knotts back to the big screen, a full 40% of the women in my apartment building still sported “The Rachel” haircut, and Larry Hookins released M1EDIT2C.exe.

If you want to experience a little bit of that magical year, you can try this portable DOSbox-X installation of M1EDIT2C:


What exactly is M1EDIT2C, anyway? Here’s a description from its author:

M1Edit is a terrain viewer and scenario editor for M1 Tank Platoon 2. It is a DOS program, written with DJGPP compiler and the Allegro graphics toolkit, both available for free on the internet. M1Edit is intended to run under Win95.

This package seemed to run fine on Win10. I assume that it’ll work with Win11, but I didn’t test it on that particular OS. Even if it doesn’t work on your Win11 computer, you’ll still be alive-- which is more than can be said of Don Knotts.