Current monitor is an LG 32GK850F-B on which I flew 400+ hours during the last DID Campaign. Took some pretty good screenshots with this Gamer 1 setting.

Mucking about recently because the low light of Winter 1917 made viewing tough, especially through goggles, I changed over to the preset 'HDR Effect' setting using the monitor OSD button. It's not HDR, just designed to mimic the effect. Wow! Quite a difference. Not recommended for everyday use since the high saturation will BBQ your eyeballs but for flying WOFF it changes everything.

Posting in-game screenshots didn't work as the appearance tracked back to the current monitor setting so the pics appeared identical. Below are two shots taken from my iPhone which show some of the differences:

[Linked Image]

Gamer 1 Setting on LG Monitor.
Brightness - 32
Contrast - 70
Sharpness - 70
Gamma - Mode 1
Color Temp - Custom (Set via DisplayCal Calorimeter)
RGB - Red 51, Green 45, Blue 43

[Linked Image]

HDR Effect Preset.
Brightness - 57