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#4624080 - 04/02/23 02:19 AM Jane`s F-15 max Velocity questions  
Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 14
opilein Offline
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opilein  Offline
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Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 14
I have a question which "lived" long in my head.
Did anybody ever exceeded under normal conditions without any armament in a horizontally straight flight and 100 percent thrust
this kind of magical barrier of ca. 650 knots? tried also several different altitudes.
At first i thought that there is/ was something wrong with my Joystick (and maybe it is, idk), but i did check also all available youtube videos,
and everybody was crawling around just like me.
hmmmm...this beast should be able to go to mach 2-2.3 or do i missunderstand here something?

Thanks in advance

Btw. I would like to thank all those members here which made it possible,
with incredible efforts over the years, to play this game now finally on modern systems. It tried everything i could find over the years and nothing really worked, especially this thing with those invisible text drove me crazy, or the missing sound, the tiny resolution... and so on...
But yesterday i could play it in all its glory, in 1080p, glide, visible text, no sound or video hickups anymore. Crazy feeling, it was running, just like that. Startet several times... no... nothing.. just fine. Thank you! smile

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#4624373 - 04/07/23 06:00 PM Re: Jane`s F-15 max Velocity questions [Re: opilein]  
Joined: Dec 2003
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Njinsa Offline
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Njinsa  Offline
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Joined: Dec 2003
Posts: 23
I believe you were referring to IAS.
If you're not quite willing to dive into terms like IAS, KTAS, GS and else velocity abbreviations, I suggest you stick to the Mach number.

I ran a clean E today with no pods, no ammo, no decoys and just 6500 lbs of fuel (that's about 50% of internal fuel capacity).
Started at 20.000 ft with a gentle 7 degree climb in full AB, leveled at 40.000 ft and continue with level flight for few more minutes.
Top speed was Mach 1.56 or IAS/KTAS of 435 (figure in rectangle) or 875 knots for ground speed while at 37.800 lbs of gross weight.
As we know from past that JF-15 flight model was created with F100-PW-220 engines, I guess that this figure is pretty close to performance data of real E.
OK, the flight model done in 1998 is a bit detuned as back in time Origin really rushed this game with no proper patching.

In this game, E has CFTs bolted to airframe which induce A LOT of drag decreasing max speed, even with no fuel in CFT tanks.
BTW, CFTs have structural design limits of Mach 2.0 and only clean E with stripped off CFTs can reach Mach 2.0-2.3
I expect to see Razbam's F-15E performing a bit better in this same scenario as they model more powerful F100-PW-229.
They have some very, very smart people assembling this beast and wouldn't be surprised if they decide to create an alternate flight model physics for a clean F-15E.

#4624436 - 04/09/23 10:17 AM Re: Jane`s F-15 max Velocity questions [Re: Njinsa]  
Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 14
opilein Offline
Junior Member
opilein  Offline
Junior Member

Joined: Jun 2010
Posts: 14
Thanks for your short,very clear and easy to understand answer Njinsa. smile
A lot of (your) useful knowledge in a compact format.
I do now understand that the systems behind "velocity" are a bit more extensive.
Still in love with with this classic, but looking forward too to F-15E and my really beloved Tornado for DCS.

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