Moggy and Ray are working on the new Eastern Europe theatre.
UAW160 allows for 100 different weapons types, and they would like a few more.

In readiness for this I have made an exe that allows for 120 weapons types. From the few tests that I have carried out it seems to work OK with the currently available theatres and plane-sets.
A download is available here:

Run it in your UAW160 folder and let it replace existing files.
The new map, old map and multiplayer only exes will be added to your "EAW Versions" folder and the current default "weapons.dat" and "weapons.str" files in your "Game Data" folder will be replaced with the 120 weapons versions.
No new weapons have actually been added at this stage, The 120 weapons files will be edited by Moggy and Ray and released when they are ready wink

If you install the download we would appreciate any feedback re- the new exes.

Jel wink

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