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#4623344 - 03/22/23 08:42 PM Re: Here's what happened (Continued) **** [Re: SNAFU]  
Joined: Apr 2002
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McGonigle Online cool
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McGonigle  Online Cool
Emeritus Motorius
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Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 3,998
Copenhagen, Denmark
Fittop. I’m rooting for you sister’s continued recovery, and how wonderful to have these young people in your life either active pilots or wanting to pursue a career as pilots.

The most memorable thing happening to me was on an evening walk late last fall when I wanted to catch the last of the evening light before sundown and winter would stop such activities for a while, and a little lad came bombing around the corner of his family’s house, stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me with his big eyes and mouth agape while I walked by, and then in a clear and most un-self-conscious voice he yelled for all to hear; “Dad, I’ve just seen a very, VERY old man!!”

This winter, I’ve been doing a lot of pool swimming at the local public bath and warming up in the sauna, a hallmark of Scandinavian civilisation, and again the youngsters, they’re about 7-8 years old or younger, are fascinated with age, often asking me how old I am. When I tell them, they usually remark that “That’s a lot of years!”

Oh, well, I suppose it is nice to be impressive in some way or other, even if it just for some modicum of longevity.

OG, I’m glad you liked the Spitfire. Especially the Lone Spit stunting for me almost took on a character of a living metal being, free, joyous, ethereal and beyond the limitations of gravity. Perhaps even a spirit, certainly an important link with the past.

OldDux, so glad to see a post from you. I hope you are well and content.

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Jens C. Lindblad

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#4623484 - 03/24/23 08:31 PM Re: Here's what happened (Continued) [Re: SNAFU]  
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Old Dux Offline
Old Dux  Offline

Joined: Jan 2001
Posts: 5,681
Hello chaps,

Thanks for that wonderful video with the stirring music tribute Jens. I'm a Hurricane man myself but there ain't much in it! biggrin
I've always thought that the crackling roar of a Merlin is hard to beat - as exemplified in the opening sequence.

Any news of the Microprose B17 project yet? I thought it was up for beta testing at some point but perhaps I'm thinking of another forthcoming game? I remember Fittop being enthusiastic about what's left of us forming a crew! Who might even draw back some of our old contributors from SNAFU's thread! old_simmer

In the meantime I am on the initial stages of PS5 Hogwarts Legacy as a break from flight simming. The development of gameplay and graphics is really quite astonishing and it should hold my interest - for the time being. I think the resolution setting is 3840x2160 which my PC certainly couldn't handle.

'Find your enemy and shoot him down - everything else is unimportant.'

Manfred von Richtofen

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