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#4619139 - 01/21/23 03:42 PM OldDamage=1  
Joined: Jan 2023
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Blitzer1957 Offline
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Blitzer1957  Offline
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Joined: Jan 2023
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There is a nice PDF someone put together which explains many of the eaw.ini items. It says OldDamage=1 "suits many of the older flight models better". If I'm flying the original theater, careers, planes, should I set OldDamage to 1? Am I flying the "older flight models", or have the original planes had their flight models changed/improved in 1.28c? Thanks!

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#4619142 - 01/21/23 04:18 PM Re: OldDamage=1 [Re: Blitzer1957]  
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MrJelly Offline
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Joined: Apr 2002
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Montagnac, L'Herault, France
The newer type of flight model was introduced by Knegel in 1.28e. We had added the "planeset" possibility to the 1.28e code, and this really opened up EAW.
One of the issues was that the introduction of gun convergence in the first release of 1.28 made it much easier to damage a plane.
Knegel modified a number of FM files by reducing the sizes of the hit bubbles. He had also discovered a big botch in the FM routines. He fixed it, and this also required changes to FM files.

The upshot was the release of 1.28e with the ETO theatre having four associated planesets.

However, no other modders have produced material using Knegels ideas.
Basically if you are flying with "OldDamage=0" and you find it very easy to shoot down a plane then try again with "OldDamage=1".

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#4619149 - 01/21/23 07:34 PM Re: OldDamage=1 [Re: MrJelly]  
Joined: Jan 2023
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Blitzer1957 Offline
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Blitzer1957  Offline
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Joined: Jan 2023
Posts: 38
I love reading about the development history! I think I'm good with OldDamage=0. No plane goes down easily for me. I'm going to try OldDamage=1 just for fun. I love watching the engines burst into flames. biggrin Thanks, Mr. Jelly!

#4619150 - 01/21/23 07:45 PM Re: OldDamage=1 [Re: Blitzer1957]  
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Joined: Feb 2006
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Cape Charles, Virginia, USA
You want to watch planes burst into flames?

Try one of the alternate history aircraft available in the 1.6 line. A few have revolver cannons, predecessor to the A-10 Warthog's mighty gun.

They are as follows:

F2T-2 (Navalized version of the P-61 Black Widow)
B25 II

They really make a mess of level bomber formations and ground targets, just don't try to dogfight as the guns are fairly inaccurate. Think 12 gauge shotgun rather than sniper rifle.

Heck, even paranoids have enemies.

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