The following settings may help those players with limited play time, or who want more action more often.
These will help save you time, and shorten campaign missions (where the most fun is to be had!)

1. In WOFF, go to Workshops settings from the main menu, 'More Settings' (bottom right), third column set 'Target Range' to 'Always Closest'.

2. Same column, 'Player Flight Altitude' maybe set to Medium (up to 10k feet) so it will take less time to climb (you can also skip climb up waypoints in the sim anyway, see no.5).

3. Same page in Workshops, first column, Set 'Forced Encounters' to High if you want many more meetings with enemy. Of course with this off you have a more realistic setting with squads doing their own random missions and you may pass them by. With this on, the WOFF manager will generate more flights to cross nearer your path on purpose.

4. Same page, Fourth column, set Outcomes to "Easy - Pilot Never Dies" now you will not need to recreate a pilot if you die with all that enemy activity - saving time.

5. In the simulator, when you take off, press the keys 'Shift W' together, this will skip the first waypoint, so you can head to the mission target more directly. This is only useful if you do NOT want to use 'Air Start' as in option 7.

6. When creating a pilot (main menu 'Pilot Dossiers', 'Enlist New Pilot') , choose 'Manual Squad Deployment' option (bottom right) now you can scroll through squads and scroll the date options and see exactly where they are based. Get a squadron very near the front line (No-Mans Land - brown area on the map) for example British RNAS-8 Jan 1918, German Jasta 2 Jan 1917, Jasta 8 most of 1917 etc.

7. When you go to 'Briefing Room', select 'Air Start' to avoid the take-off, forming up, and climbing up stages.

8. If you wish more, in Briefing Room select "Optional Flight" to cycle through other targets. Check the "Approximate Distance" (around 4th line down on Mission briefing, top right of screen). Cycle until you get a nearer mission target you like.

9. In flight, enable the simulator's Auto Pilot (Ctrl+Shift+A) so an AI will fly for you temporarily. Then hit the time acceleration (Shift +, Shift - to slow down) but be careful as if you accelerate too fast your AI controlled plane may see the enemy (or vice versa) and attack before you can react. Slow it down more to X2 or X4 if you're near the front, and pay attention. Disable time acceleration first, then autopilot, if you see enemies. Of course if you set up Forced Encounters to Med or High as in option 3, be much more cautious of time acceleration.

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