I have recently gotten back into flight sims and anytime i buy a ww2 flight sim it ends up pretty much being a 109 sim.

I have il2 and dcs with the 109 module and i would like to get some fellow il2/dcs pilots thoughts on the two versions.

To take off as safely as possible in the DCS k4 you need to set manual prop pitch at 12:00, nose down stab almost all the way, light flaps and gradually increase speed while tapping the toe brakes to keep from going side to side. The rudder doesnt really work at all till you pretty much dont need it. If you dont mind what youre doing you can flip and burn.

In general the DCS k4 seems to be modeled with a lot more prop torque, you can feel it pulling to the left at low speed, especially in left turns

The Il2 k4 doesnt seem to need much stab trim or flaps or anything and will take a much more sudden throttle increase and the rudder seems to respond at pretty much any speed.

Just wondering what thoughts you all might have about the differences and especially what your thoughts are if you have flown them both.