Hello WOFF Pilots,

A new update for WOFF BH&H II bring it to V1.37 is now available.


Newest additions shown first

Version 1.38 2 May 2024

1) This contains much reduced aggressiveness of several 2 Seaters, that have front guns, in combat situations; namely D.H.4, Sopwith Strutter A2, Rumpler C.IV, D.F.W, Hannover C.III, Breguet 14 A2, and the R.E.8. #

Please see the 2 May 2024 WOFF Website NEWS section on our website for more information and discussion on these changes, and 2-seaters with front guns that have not been changed.

WOFF Website

Of course, this also includes all previous updates as below, and of course the "RECON WARS" FREE expansion - an incredible feature-rich FREE update (since V1.21) for WOFF BH&H II users!
It also includes the previous update (V1.33) with exciting unique improvements to 2-Seater and early-war fighter behaviours.
Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website for more information, or to download.

The download is large and the server may get busy at release time, so please be patient with downloads or try later!
If you still see an older download there, refresh the page using Ctrl F5 keys on your keyboard together.

Version 1.37 21 February 2023

1) Fixed a tool tip text error in Workshops for AF grass On and Off.
2) Addressed a Facility populate issue on non US PCs.
3) Revised Airfield grass.

Version 1.36 3 February 2023

This update brings 5 new free improvements/features:

1) Improved Tree Models.
2) AC are now damaged if gear contacts water.
3) Improved Woods Textures.
4) Grass implemented at Airfields.
5) Revised Spring Tiles.

Version 1.35 5 December 2022

1)    Addressed an issue that affected Screen Res Modes on Nvidia 4090 GPUs.
2)    Clouds Draw Range implemented - increases cloud render range as well as adding in ability for player to adjust the draw distance in workshops.
3)    Addressed an issue that affected users with the latest VKBsim Gladiator EVO and NXT Joysticks (WOFFKeys now V2.2).
4)    3D aircraft model fix to Halberstadt D.III - added missing extra cockpit padding to external view.

Version 1.34 16 August 2022

1) Squadrons that are not 'operational' will no longer be forced to carry out historical (scripted) attack or defence missions.
2) Fixed an issue that did not return the player to the main menu correctly when an invalid/unavailable squadron craft is assigned in campaign.
3) Addressed a 'mission type' loop counter error in Gotha Squadrons and some other Bomber Squadrons when the player elects to fly in poor weather.
4) Fixed an issue that prevented the player loading rockets on certain aircraft in campaign.
5) Fixed an inventory display issue for Ace aircraft, when returning to planning room after having already setup payloads.
6) Addressed an issue that would sometimes cause the briefing room map to not be centred on the mission flight.
7) Addressed a naming issue in FA(A) 208s squadron database.
8) Aircraft minor fixes; Sopwith Pup adjusted view FOV slightly. Fixed issue with prop hubs on BEx series.

Of course this includes our "RECON WARS" FREE expansion - an incredible feature-rich FREE update to V1.21 for WOFF BH&H II users!
Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website for more information, or to download.

You can also download the complete Recon Wars Notes and how to play here : Recon Wars Notes here.

Includes all the following ;

A new exciting FREE update to V1.33, is out now for Wings Over Flanders Fields Between Heaven and Hell II with new features!

Version 1.33 2 August 2022

1) Implemented graded maneuver ratings for all WW1 aircraft as they improved over time. Lower Maneuver ratings means the AI carry out less complex maneuvers.

2) 2 Seaters that were used as 'fighters' will now behave more historically correct.

3) Pilot Skill Morale and Health now directly affects the AI aircraft maneuver capabilities dynamically in runtime- a wounded/injured pilot will start to carry out less complex maneuvers.

4) Fixed an issue that prevented the Sopwith Pup skins from changing correctly.

5) Aircraft model fix for the DH5 - converted it from pedal power (feet sticking through the floor), into a full adult version using an engine instead, and some other very minor tweaks to the blurred engine, and wing tips. Some other misc fixes for other aircraft models.

Version 1.32 4 July 2022

1) Addressed an issue in Training that on bad weather days that are cancelled, the campaign does not advance by a day correctly.
2) Addressed an issue that sometimes prevented manual time advance of more than one day working correctly.
3) Addressed an issue in Keyboard and Joystick Bindings that incorrectly mapped Button 1 function to POV 1 under certain circumstances: WOFFKeys Upgraded to V2.1

Version 1.31 'Recon Wars' 15 June 2022

1) Default Key Settings now includes the new Recon Wars commands

Version 1.30 'Recon Wars' 6 June 2022

1) Addressed loadout issues with F.E.2b and B.E.12 HD Aircraft, Aviatik B,I, B.II, C.I, and the Rumpler C.IV.
2) Addressed an issue that caused 'AI Weather' to be generated more than once per day

Version 1.29 'Recon Wars' 26 May 2022

1) Addressed a Missing Winter Texture Overlay for Autumn Light, Winter Light, and Winter Full.

Version 1.28 'Recon Wars' 19 May 2022

1) Dual Role Squads: Fighter 'B Flights' are no longer recommended to load up Reccy type equipment, because A flight actually carries out the Reccy mission goals and B flight assists by protecting them.

Version 1.27 'Recon Wars' 6 May 2022

1) Fixed an issue that would sometimes result in Ace AC in A flight not always having bomb loadouts when required.
2) When a Ground Battle exists in your region, or is about to start in the next few days in your region, then time always advances by 1 day only.
3) When a battle is in progress in your region, time always advances by 1 day only.
4) Current Weather conditions now included in the 'Historical Weather Cancels all Flights' 'player decides' pop up message.
5) Keyboard and Joystick Bindings Revised to 2.0:
1) User is prompted to save if 'exiting after changes' without having pressed the save button.
2) Simplified the editing of assigned joystick functions, all editing functions are available on clicking the bound item.
3) Fixed an issue in Win10 and Win11 where the Joystick Button 'repeat value' was sometimes no longer valid.
4) Implemented ability to assign controller axes to Gunner station
5) Generally improved all round for ease of use.

Version 1.26 'Recon Wars' 30 April 2022

1) Fixed a target search issue that resulted in no 'French HQs' or 'USA HQs' being found.
2) Recon Wars CO Report was not being logged in the pilot log file correctly - Fixed for 1.26 going forward.
Note: data that was not logged correctly for flights in Recon Wars prior to 1.26 cannot be recovered.

Version 1.25 'Recon Wars' 7 April 2022

1) Fixed Camera sight and Bomb sight on the Nieuport 12 aircraft model

Version 1.24 'Recon Wars' 7 April 2022

1) RFC 56 no longer has Aces flying N17s in April 1917 (was originally meant for Albert Ball only)
2) Fixed an issue that resulted in no weather setting for saved QC Missions.
3) Fixed a German HQ facility that had Allied flak guns deployed in error.

Version 1.23 'Recon Wars' 4 April 2022

1) Revised Cloud lighting at night - removed red hue.
2) Fixed an issue with enlisting in some Jasta squads.
3) Revised Flak Effect.

Version 1.22 'Recon Wars' 28 March 2022

1) Revised Flak Textures
2) Fixed an XML compatibility issue in Simulation.xml
3) Workshop settings for either disabling, enabling or allowing the user to decide 'on the fly' what to do in bad weather in campaign, now extends to allow users to control what he wants to do on Poor Recon weather days.
4) Cancelled Flights due to Weather:- Time now always advances by 1 day only.

OBD Recon Wars 21 March 2022

Version 1.21 'Recon Wars'

1) Squadrons carrying out Reconnaissance missions now only have B flight on duty and with up to a limit of 2 max aircraft, 3 if in a French Squad.

2) Reconnaissance missions are seldom escorted - dual Role squads often have a fighter or 2 accompanying in A Flight.

3) Reconnaissance Squadrons now predominantly carry out Reconnaissance type missions with occasional Bombing runs.

4) Bomber Squadrons now predominantly carry out Bombing type missions with occasional Reconnaissance runs.

5) AI Flights now on Reconnaissance runs are limited to 1 or 2 max AC.

6) Fighter squadrons now only escort 2 seaters if they are carrying out a bombing mission and have reduced frequency of Escort type missions.

7) Increased Flak in early years.

8) Fixed a non critical error that would sometimes occur when calculating a frontlines patrol point.

9) Frequency of operations when in Historical mode is now also a function of the year, in addition to being a function of the squadrons ops rating.
So in early years days can advance by more than one day after a mission or on 'T+' to Next Flight.

10) Revised mission briefing Notes for Reconnaissance and Artillery Spotting missions and recommended loadouts.

11) Fixed an issue where rain would sometimes be rendered in Winter instead of snow.

12) Taking Notes, Recon Photos and Sending Messages via R/T and dropping weighted Note Bags during Flight i.e. 'in mission' are now implemented, and real in sim data is gathered:

'Shift+P' - Pilot/Observer Take a Photo: AC must be equipped with a Camera, be at the correct height, be flying level and below any cloudbase as applicable - limited to 5 plates.
Photos cannot be taken in autopilot mode. Photos cannot be taken in the rain or in poor visibility conditions.
It takes 10 secs to load, focus, expose the Photo Plate and store it. Another Photo can only be taken after 10 secs.
It is best to use the 'bombsight' view - which is customised to be a 'camera sight' as appropriate to take accurate photos.

'Shift+R' - Observer Send a Message via R/T: AC must be equipped with a Radio Telegraph set, have an Observer to send the Message, be at the correct height.
The R/T Set must have suitable Battery Strength.
Approximately 5 messages can be relayed before the battery is depleted.
It takes 10 secs to send the Morse Message. Another Message can only be sent after 10 secs.

'Shift+I' - Pilot Write a Note down : AC must be equipped with a Pilots NoteBook Set - limited to a number of notes.
It takes 10 secs to write down the Note. Another Note can only be made after 10 secs.

'D' - Drop Notes (In a weighted Note Bag) whilst flying - for example at Frontline HQ.
Notes cannot be dropped if none are taken, or a Notebook is not available (not loaded).
Best to be below 100m when doing this

13) Notes, Photos, Messages, and Dropped Note Bags are evaluated at the end of the mission. (Mission Details -> Recon Details)
This is based on final state of the players AC, Pilot and Observer, the AC Attitude: Roll/Pitch.
As well as Altitude, Visibility, Location where Photos, Notes and Messages are taken, and Notes dropped.
The results are compared to the mission objectives.
Photos can be determined as blurry, over exposed, hazy etc despite being taken within the correct proximity to the mission objective.
R/T messages are not always received despite being sent from the correct location.

14) Mission Debrief Details screens relate to the player how successful his mission intel gathering was - Recon Details Icon now appears in Mission Details as appropriate.
Clicking this Icon takes the player to a detailed interface showing intell gathered.

15) Radios and Cameras can be damaged and rendered in-operable.

16) The Camera cannot be operated if Pilot is too injured.

17) Notes cannot be made if Pilot is too injured.

18) Radio Messages cannot be sent if the Observer is too injured

19) Exposed Photo Plates can be damaged after being taken, based on the players AC damage level after landing.

20) Artillery Spotting or 'Battery Ranging' - if Notes are being taken re 'fall of shot' due to non availability of R/T sets, then they sometimes have to be dropped off at a local HQ.
Otherwise they must be returned to your Squadron Commander at your homefield.

21) Reconnaissance - if Notes are being taken due to non availability of Cameras, then they sometimes have to be dropped off at a local HQ.
Otherwise they must be returned to your Squadron Commander at your homefield.

22) Photos are always returned with you to your homefield.

23) The Sector HQs along the frontlines, introduced in BH&HII, are now available in QC in 'Over The Lines' QC Quick Flight Type.
Note: Because the frontlines move and were often 'vague' the red frontlines on the maps are a guide only - as they were in the war - this has always been the case.
It is why you are sometimes captured when you are forced to land and you considered yourself to be in friendly territory 'map frontline wise'.
It is therefore always adviseable to try to get well clear of the front when forced to ditch with engine failure, damage etc.

24) Loadouts: Player must select an appropriate 'Loadout' for his mission objectives as outlined in the briefing.

25) Altitude and Range From Objectives: Notes must be made within 150 to 1650m (Visibility Dependant) of Objective and not too Low - must be at the flight altitude approx
Notes (in a weighted Bag) must be dropped when instructed to do so within 200m of Drop Objective point and at an altitude not higher than 150m.
Photos Must be taken within 350m of Objective point at the instructed flight altitude height approx.
R/T Messages Must be sent within 150 to 1650m (Visibilty Dependant) of Objective point and not at a low altitude - > 1000m.
Low Altitude results in poor signal transmission that are too weak to be received properly.

26) Loadout Availability: Sometimes Radios and Cameras are not available as they are either out of order or removed for service - player will then have to use his note book.

27) Oblique Photo Recon from friendly lines is not catered for.

28) All Squadron Operations for Player and AI are now affected by Weather. This affects Mission Types and Altitudes and is switchable in Workshops.
On Heavy Cloud or Raining/Snowing Days where the weather is not quite bad enough to call off operations then:
1) Operations for all Squadron types generally become more defensive in nature (mainly within Friendly lines).
2) They also take place at lower alts and Recon Photographing and or Artillery Ranging for Reconnaissance Squadrons cannot be undertaken.

29) Recon/Artillery Spotting (Battery Ranging) outcomes on Notes/Photos and R/T messages are collated in the pilots Dossier Log.
These can then be seen when 'mouse moving' over the specific Mission Remarks (right hand page) in the pilots Log Book.

30) Revised Flak levels over the years at frontlines.

31) Revised weather algorithm for historically 'Good' and 'Light' days.

32) Added new exterior mounted camera loadout models for a selection of German and British aircraft:
Aviatik BI, Aviatik BII, Aviatik CI, RAF BE2c, RAF BE2c Early.
Note - All AC that had Cameras and or R/T capability can still be used for Recon in the expansion - but the 3D models of these units is not represented yet in game.

33) Added Camerasight and Bombsight to N12

34) In game AC Labels revised to display 'On reconnaissance' instead of 'On patrol' when appropriate for Reccy craft.

35) Some General Comments about BH&HII Recon Wars:

Recon craft are very vulnerable and the best tactic is to get as high as possible within the mission parameters.

Always adjust your 'Circle Up Waypoint' to a suitable location away from the frontlines to avoid flak and enemy fighters.

To do this select the Circle Up waypoint in the waypoint selection list in control bar below the map in the briefing room.

Move the waypoint using the Up Down Left Right buttons located above the waypoint selection list.

Also bear in mind when locating your 'circle up point' that enemy fighters tend to fly within friendly lines - more so the Allied fighters than the Central Powers.

Make sure you load up the recommended loadout for the recon mission as indicated in the briefing text.

If you are instructed to air drop notes at an HQ then be very cautious about your approach to the HQ.

Return to friendly territory at a high altitude, especially when crossing the front lines, and then turn and approach the HQ from the friendly side.

Set 'Forced Encounters' to 'Off' or maybe 'Medium' (which is quite hard) in Workshops if you want to experience a more accurate and longer duration career.

Remember 'Forced Encounters' is there to enable players in fighter craft to gain more combat exposure in a shorter period of 'sim time'.

36) Damaged/Shelled AFs are now populated with a certain number of 'Blown Trees' and some 'damaged buildings/smoke' as well as showing bombardment shellholes around the perimeter.

37) If you fly at very high altitudes for more than 10 mins and your AC is not equipped with heating systems and or Oxygen, your vision slowly deteriorates. (Goggles Glass effects must be on in Workshops)
Your Vision slowly recovers as you descend to reasonable alts.

38) Implemented Filters in QC interface to optionally filter Aircraft on 'year' and or 'type'.

39) Implemented a 'Random Aircaft' setting for opposing AC in QC that will randomly put up different enemy aircraft each time you fly - and filtered appropriately by the players 'filter settings' as described in 38)

40) When a 'Random Aircraft' is selected in QC the distance from player is randomly changed automatically every run.

41) Improved high altitude performance of all AC.

42) Fixed an issue where some target facilites did not have suitable target items for bombers.

43) In the News Interface you can now peruse Previous News Paper Editions.

44) In the Campaign Interface you can now always peruse Latest/Recent News via the News Icon so its now easy to catch up on News you might have missed after Hospitalisation,Time Advance, or Captivity etc.
Note 1: The Latest News date might be before the Current Campaign Date if there is no news for the Current Day
Note 2: News for the Day (if any) is still automatically announced after the Morning Briefing.

45) Implemented Workshop settings for either disabling, enabling or allowing the user to decide 'on the fly' in campaign about the Historical Weather Cancels all Flights - '24/48 Hours All Flights Cancelled'
Note 1: This only applies when the user is using Historical Weather Mode and not AI Weather Gen Mode - see page 1 of Workshops

46) Added 65 new 2 Seater texture skins by 'Jerbear' (many thanks!).

Version 1.20 7 January 2022

1) Allied and Central Powers 'incursion' range limit 'on or off' is now selectable in workshops, individually - see Version 1.19 items 7) and 8)
2) Fixed a text display issue on some of the Aircraft Stats pages.
3) Fixed an issue that prevented the Zeppelin R type from appearing in the Quick Combat lists.

Also contains all the following...

Version 1.19 4 January 2022

1) Changed weather cloud system to reduce frequency of dark and light clouds being mixed.
2) Aircraft stats page is now a window not full-screen.
3) Revised City Surrounds and City Center alpha masks.
4) Revised Vehicle lighting.
5) Revised Saturated clouds and cloud lighting.
6) Revised Sea Bias and fixed an issue in Facility Lighting.
7) German fighters will no longer engage, and will break off a fight if too far over enemy territory in campaign mode Note: AC will always defend themselves if attacked!
8) Allied fighters will no longer engage, and will break off a fight if too far over enemy territory in campaign mode Note: AC will always defend themselves if attacked!
9) AI fighters will no longer attack landing AC for fear of ground guns nor will they pursue enemies deep into enemy territory if they are running.
10) Improved 'go home descend' altitude validity checks.
11) Improved AI Ground avoidance in hilly terrain.
12) Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause damaged AC to circle 'endlessly' in GA mode.
13) Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause GA mode to affect ground strafing and or balloon attack.
14) Fixed an issue at certain airfields that caused AI to collide with trees in proximity to the landing area.
15) Progressive AC system damage is now a function of AC speed where applicable.
16) Improved thunderstorm sounds (thanks to Creaghorn).

This patch of course also includes all previous updates, so you only ever need the latest update to be fully up to date.

Remember if you use MODS in your install, then please uninstall them before installing the patch. Also do not necessarily re-enable them.

Be wary of just re-enabling mods after patching as some files in these mods may have been superseded/improved/redone by work contained in the patch. Best to check with the modders.
Also the patch release notes as detailed below help in this regard of course by telling you what has been recently done by OBD! ""

Previous updates (included) ;

Version 1.18   16 November 2021

1) Revised Damaged airfield blending.
2) Revised start-up of WOFF for new OBD logo.
3) Fixed a database error in MFJII squadron file

This patch of course also includes all previous updates.


Version 1.17 26 October 2021

1) Jasta 66 is now enabled and playable.
2) Revised Scenery Trees and Textures - all seasons, and all snow cover options.
3) Revised Scenery Lighting
4) Revised Scenery Object distance details
5) Revised Terrain Texture Quality settings and Scenery Density settings to improve FPS.

NOTE: Revised Scenery and Terrain Texture detail controls 1 to 5 in Workshops

The Terrain Quality (texture sharpness) and the Scenery Density (objects on the terrain) have been revised for WOFF 1.17.

The controls now give a better ability to more finely tune and optimise the scenery and terrain to get maximum FPS with the best visual eye candy possible.

Good starting points on a reasonably good PC are Terrain Quality 2 or 3 and Scenery Density 3 or 4, - 5 now being for very good GPUs 3080 or better.

6) Revised Clouds, Textures, and Lighting.

Version 1.16 6 September 2021

1 ) Fixed an issue that prevented the AI bombers from bombing when player is in bombardier station.
2) Aircraft changes;
a) Added BombSight to all 2 Seaters (except Nieuport 12);
Aviatik BI,
Aviatik BII
Aviatik CI
Aviatik CI SOL
Aviatik CI OBS
Breguet14 A2
Bristol F2b
Caudron G4
Gotha GIV
Morane L
Pfalz AI
RAF BE2c Early
Re (RE8)
Roland CII
Rumpler CIV
Sopwith Strutter B1
Sopwith Strutter

b) Added Bombsight to Strutter B1 (single seater bomber).

c) Also Breguet14 fixed hub of blurred prop, fixed small issue on lower LOD when zooming out.

d) Fixed fuselage mapping issue on N24, N24 Bis, N24 Bis Lewis, N24 Lewis, N27.

Also includes all the previous patches;

Version 1.15 11 August 2021

1) Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the player to not hear any bullet strikes on his aircraft when in cockpit.
2) Gun shake will no longer occur when gun is jammed.
3) Fixed the following aircraft issues;Fokker D.VII - fuel gauge needle was broken at 25% fuel or less - fixed. Slight improvement to gauge
Nieuport 28 - slight graphical anomaly when viewing the flying wires from Virtual Cockpit view - fixed. Other slight cockpit improvements.
R.E.8 - Added several missing wires, improved various parts. Added a pitot tube.
Albatros D.I - fixed a small graphical glitch when viewing rear cockpit area from certain angles.
Albatros D.II - fixed a small graphical glitch when viewing rear cockpit area from certain angles.

Version 1.14 29 June 2021
1) Fixed an issue with observer availability in Campaign when a squadron changes to Dual Role or Reconnaissance Role.
2) Further work on Cloud Flicker - flickering should be reduced - thanks to Buckeye Bob.
3) Halberstadt D.II and D.III - model fix for throttle in virtual cockpit.
4) Pfalz A.I - fixed bomb loadouts.
5) Some aircraft texture fixes.

Version 1.13 3 June 2021

1) Fixed a possible error at mission runtime that would sometimes occur for Aces with File Specified AC and Skin.
Ensured that the associated Ace skin would be allocated if possible, or if no more aircraft instances available then the generic AC and skin is allocated.
2) Improved Aircraft instance selections for skin allocations to maximise the number of skins per craft type flying in game.
3) BE2c early version - Removed Lewis drums from Observer’s cockpit. Fixed some other small issues.

Version 1.12 24 May 2021

1) Fixed a ground unit collision avoidance issue for aircraft that are Going Home or RTB.
2) Removed some Telephone poles from a/g_generic_3 type Airfield facilities that would sometimes cause a collision avoidance issue with landing aircraft.

Version 1.11 20 May 2021

1) Fixed a ground unit collision avoidance issue for aircraft that would occur under certain circumstances when landing.
2) Aircraft fixes; - Sopwith Strutter A2 - fixed none working compass in VC, fixed broken pulsator.
- Sopwith Camel & Camel Bentley version - improved rear wood combing texture seen from cockpit view.
- Sopwith Camel Bentley - fixed underneath cowl plate.

Version 1.10 14 May 2021

1) SPAD VII - fixed mirrored mapping on the left horizontal. Also improved horizontals and elevators mapping.
2) N17 Bis - fixed duplicate backplate for airspeed indicator in external view. Also added some cockpit parts into lower level of detail (LOD) model.
3) Revised rain effects for some heavy rain types. See our website downloads page for more - BH&H II Download Page

Version 1.09 11 May 2021

1) Fixed an issue whereby the correct Backclip distance (haze) was not being set for some Quick Scenario weather types, resulting in graphical cloud glitches under certain conditions.
2) Implemented reduced Backclip distances (haze) for medium and variable dynamic weather.
3) Removed the Cloth Hall at Ypres after it was damaged.
4) Improved AI rotary blipping at low engine RPM.
5) Fixed a fatal mission creation error with escort flights if the escorting squadron was based at the same airfield as the player.
6) Improved briefing text for when an escorting squadron is based at the same airfield as the player.
7) Fixed an issue with a Nieuport 17 Lewis skin.

Version 1.08 5 May 2021

1) Further work on Cloud Flicker - flickering should be reduced.
2) Revised Winter Tree Alphas (i.e. less solid trees in Winter).

Version 1.07  4 May 2021

1) Fixed an issue with Time Advance whereby days in hospital or days in captivity were not carried over to the following month correctly.
2) Balloon Attack and Defence are now special assignments to B Flight only and take place with a limited number of pilots.
3) Implemented blipping in AI rotary AC and in AI controlled player rotary AC.
4) Revised engine startup and exhaust effects.
5) Reduced cloud flickering (thanks to Buckeye Bob).
6) Revised ground explosion effects.
7) Aircraft fixes; Aviatik C.I, B.II, & 2 Aviatik trainers fixed engine extra parts visible. Se5 series tweaks to lower wing tips.

Version 1.06 29 April 2021

1) Revised some terrain tiles.
2) Fixed an error in the landclasses file.
3) Fixed an issue with some terrain detail overlays.
4) Revised Manoeuvres usage for Ace Vet and Rookie Pilots.
5) Revised Rain effects.
6) Aircraft fix - Pfalz E.III adjusted prop shaft.

Version 1.05 26 April 2021

1) Fixed an issue that caused large aircraft, e.g. Caudrons and Gothas, to not take off correctly (CA)
2) Reduced formation form-up time after take off.
3) Revised Rotary and Inline exhaust effects, revised ground prop wash effect.
4) Addressed an issue that caused visual anomalies in the rain effect on misty days.

Version 1.04 22 April 2021

1) Fixed an issue that on some OS's would report the AC speed incorrectly in mission replay.
2) Aircraft fixes- SE5 and SE5A Viper, Fixed windscreen glass glitch in external view. Improved gun cover.
Se5a Viper also improved external cockpit padding.

Version 1.03 19 April 2021

1) Increased mist in rainy weather.
2) Improved bullet hit visual effect.
3) Improved Collision Avoidance.
4) Fixed an issue in QC that would cause large enemy flights to be too tightly spaced.
5) Aircraft fixes; Adjusted DM in a few aircraft to avoid some bullet strikes from own forward firing gun;
Hannover, Nieuport 27, DFW, Fokker E.IV, B.E.12 HD (Home Defence)
B.E.12. Small wire fix in BE2c Solo trainer.

Version 1.02 15 April 2021

1) Log books should now display the training flights correctly.
2) Varied the range of tree sizes.
3) Fixed a Winter Grassland MOS issue.
4) Increased the volume of player bullet hit sounds and reduced the external volume.
5) Time advance flight simulation 'casualties' should now be accounted for correctly.
6) Fixed some duplicate airfields and some missing airfields in global layers: - 1914; 1918; 1918+4; 1918+9; 1918+11.
7) New Feature: Implemented cockpit shake when guns are firing.
8) Fixed an issue with Auto Enlistment that would sometimes terminate in a blank screen.
9) Fixed an issue that would sometimes render a 'pilot in training' already set to autopilot at mission start, in Quick Combat and Quick Scenario.
10) Fixed an issue that prevented mission replay from working on non-English OS's.
11) Aircraft model fixes ;
- Albatros D.I, extra rigging wire removed from cockpit view.
- BE2c variants small visual issue with rigging fixed.
- SPAD XIII, removed vibration from Altimeter, improved filler cap in cockpit view, other minor fixes.

Version 1.01 8 April 2021

1) Revised Terrain Brightness slightly for Summer and Spring.
2) Revised Autogen Building Lighting slightly.
3) Fixed a runtime issue when the player turns all goggles settings off in workshops.

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