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Today 11th May 2021 we have released V1.09 for WOFF BH&H II.

Please see the WOFF BH&H II download page on our website.


1) Fixed an issue whereby the correct Backclip distance (haze) was not being set for some Quick Scenario weather types, resulting in graphical cloud glitches under certain conditions.
2) Implemented reduced Backclip distances (haze) for medium and variable dynamic weather.
3) Removed the Cloth Hall at Ypres after it was damaged.
4) Improved AI rotary blipping at low engine RPM.
5) Fixed a fatal mission creation error with escort flights if the escorting squadron was based at the same airfield as player.
6) Improved briefing text for when escorting squadron is based at same airfield as player.
7) Fixed an issue with a Nieuport 17 Lewis skin.

Of course also includes ALL of the previous patches;

Version 1.08 5 May 2021

1) Further work on Cloud Flicker - flickering should be reduced.
2) Revised Winter Tree Alphas (i.e. less solid trees in Winter).

Version 1.07  4 May 2021

1) Fixed an issue with Time Advance whereby days in hospital or days in captivity were not carried over to the following month correctly.
2) Balloon Attack and Defence are now special assignments to B Flight only and take place with a limited number of pilots.
3) Implemented blipping in AI rotary AC and in AI controlled player rotary AC.
4) Revised engine startup and exhaust effects.
5) Reduced cloud flickering (thanks to Buckeye Bob).
6) Revised ground explosion effects.
7) Aircraft fixes; Aviatik C.I, B.II, & 2 Aviatik trainers fixed engine extra parts visible. Se5 series tweaks to lower wing tips.

Version 1.06 29 April 2021

1) Revised some terrain tiles.
2) Fixed an error in the landclasses file.
3) Fixed an issue with some of the terrain detail overlays.
4) Revised Manoeuvres usage for Ace Vet and Rookie Pilots.
5) Revised Rain effects.
6) Aircraft fix - Pfalz E.III adjusted prop shaft.

Version 1.05 26 April 2021

1) Fixed an issue that caused large aircraft e.g. Caudrons and Gothas, to not take off correctly (CA)
2) Reduced formation form up time after take off.
3) Revised Rotary and Inline exhaust effects, revised ground propwash effect.
4) Addressed an issue that caused visual anomalies in the rain effect on misty days.

Version 1.04 22 April 2021

1) Fixed an issue that on some OS's would report the AC speed incorrectly in mission replay.
2) Aircraft fixes- SE5 and SE5A Viper, Fixed windscreen glass glitch in external view. Improved gun cover.
Se5a Viper also improved external cockpit padding.

of course includes all previous fixes and improvements as below;

Version 1.03 19 April 2021

1) Increased mist in rainy weather.
2) Improved bullet hit visual effect.
3) Improved Collision Avoidance.
4) Fixed an issue in QC that would cause large enemy flights to be too tightly spaced.
5) Aircraft fixes; Adjusted DM in a few aircraft to avoid some bullet strikes from own forward firing gun;
Hannover, Nieuport 27, DFW, Fokker E.IV, B.E.12 HD (Home Defence)
B.E.12.Small wire fix in BE2c Solo trainer.

Version 1.02 15 April 2021

1) Log books should now display the training flights correctly.
2) Varied the range of tree sizes.
3) Fixed a Winter Grassland MOS issue.
4) Increased the volume of player bullet hit sounds and reduced the external volume.
5) Time advance flight simulation 'casualties' should now be accounted for correctly.
6) Fixed some duplicate airfields and some missing airfields in global layers: - 1914; 1918; 1918+4; 1918+9; 1918+11.
7) New Feature: Implemented cockpit shake when guns are firing.
8) Fixed an issue with Auto Enlistment that would sometimes terminate in a blank screen.
9) Fixed an issue that would sometimes render a 'pilot in training' already set to autopilot at mission start, in Quick Combat and Quick Scenario.
10) Fixed an issue that prevented mission replay from working on non-English OS's.
11) Aircraft model fixes ;
- Albatros D.I, extra rigging wire removed from cockpit view.
- BE2c variants small visual issue with rigging fixed.
- SPAD XIII, removed vibration from Altimeter, improved filler cap in cockpit view, other minor fixes.

Version 1.01 8 April 2021

1) Revised Terrain Brightness slightly for Summer and Spring.
2) Revised Autogen Building Lighting slightly.
3) Fixed a runtime issue when the player turns all goggles settings off in workshops.

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