This thread contains copies of posts re-downloading Visual Basic runtime files to fix problems when file-management software will not start

Run-time error 713 Class not registered. MSSTDFMT.DLL

I hit this problem a few weeks ago when I was away in Lyon and I tried to run the Mission Editor on my new laptop.
When I got back I made a VisualBasic installer program for the mission editor, which correctly installs the " MSSTDFMT.DLL" file during the installation process.

"MissionEdPackage.exe" is available here:

Mission Editor Runtimes

If you get that error then download it, and run it on your desktop.
This will create a folder named "MedPackage" and in this folder there is a "Setup.exe" file.
[Linked Image]

Run the "Setup.exe", let it install the mission editor anywhere (as the reason for running it is to install the missing file), but do not let it overwrite newer versions of files with older ones.

Re-boot and the Mission Editor should now work.
Here is a link to the OAW runtime files installer:

Visual Basic runtime files

When you download and run it it will create a folder named "OAW150Runtimes"
[Linked Image]
In that folder there is a "setup.exe". Run it and basically say "yes" to everything unless it gives you a warning that you are overwriting a newer file with an older one.
It does not matter where you install it.
Once installed the file-manager programs should run.

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