Hi All,

TOBRUK will be going on sale at 35% off listed price from December 22nd to January 5th.


[Linked Image]

Price in US Dollars will be $45.49, price in Canadian dollars $51.99 and in Australian dollars, $58.49. See STEAM for pricing in Euros in your country.

BLITZ will go on sale at 75% off, and additionally if you buy a bundle of both TOBRUK and BLITZ, you get an additional 10% discount... so you get both games for a few dollars more than the discounted price of TOBRUK.

Please head to STEAM if you don't have the game and let your friends know. 😉

Those who purchase the game as well as existing owners will receive the free Truesky and other graphics updates in approx. 2-3 months.


TFS Team

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