Join us as during a 'Learn to Fly' Livestream tutorial of the IL-2 Sturmovik Desert Wings Tobruk, Vickers Wellington Mk.1 and variants.

Saturday 19th December, 2000 GMT.

TFS #3 Server

We will be running players through TFS Vickers Wellington Mk.1 8-page Flashcard document, including with the game.

Giving players a tutorial of the Pilotage, navigation, gunnery and bombing/torpedo bombing techniques necessary to complete your mission successfully.

The Desert Wings Tobruk Wellington features one of the most visually stunning cockpits in WW2 flight simulation currently available to players.

TFS's Pattle will be joined be fellow Aussie ATAG Ezzie during the Livestream.

We hope to see many players jump in a Wellington and follow us as we teach even the most ardent fighter and bomber pilots, the sheer joy that is the Wimpey!

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