Not sure how many here will be interested, but I am throwing it out there. Personally I love fantasy hockey, play multiple leagues. A couple of keeper leagues, and usually play the annual Yahoo Leagues.
This leagues setup is you pick your roster every day. So it's only good for people with time on their hands, being retired I definitely qualify.
$20 sign up, prizes determined after the number of teams sign up. It is on the Fantrax site, an excellent fantasy tracking site.


Center (C) 4
Left Wing (LW) 4
Right Wing (RW) 4
Defense (D) 6
Goalie (G) 1

Assists (A) 1
Blocks (Blk) 0.25
Faceoffs Lost (FOL) -0.1
Faceoffs Won (FOW) 0.1
Giveaways (Gv) -0.1
Goals (G) 1
Hits (Hit) 0.25
Penalty Minutes (PIM) -0.5
Shots on Goal (SOG) 0.25
Takeaways (Tk) 0.1

Shootout Wins (ShW) 3
Shootout Losses (ShL) -1
Goals Against (GA) -1
Losses (L) -2
Overtime Losses (OL) -1.5
Overtime Wins (OW) 4
Penalty Minutes (PIM) -0.5
Saves (SV) 0.25
Shutouts (SHO) 3
Wins (W) 5