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#4545321 - 11/18/20 02:53 AM A.I. flown planes exceeding their specifications  
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It's KRT not Kurt
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It's KRT not Kurt
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Joined: Nov 2007
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Sarasota, Florida
Today I set up a Quick mission, Me 110's and He-111's I made them Empty and Random and tried chasing them down using a P-51-D and a P-38-J. I found that despite being empty the gunners have plenty of ammo and a 110 can out turn and out run Mustangs and Lightnings, Heinkells are flown by Fighter pilots despite being as maneuverable as a C-47, I've never seen a Gooney bird do a Barrel roll but I imagine anything is possible under controlled conditions.. however I feel like AI in this game even at Novice does some ridiculous things even though I used to fly B-25's and A-20's in IL-2 1946 like an F-15 but it's not really something real pilots would do..thoughts anyone? is there a mod for more realistic AI? I've been in FC and watched Camels make death spirals all the way to the treetops without changing course when chased. Turn around and they chase you, reverse and they spiral into the ground. I mean this is so unrealistic. Real pilots will lose sight of you or not see you before you take the first shot, these guys start twitching when you get into range. In old Il-2 days they actually acted more realistic, we saw mid-airs in Dogfights, Bombers tried to maintain position in the Combat Box etc. These guys cant maintain course half the time.

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#4545335 - 11/18/20 10:59 AM Re: A.I. flown planes exceeding their specifications [Re: KRT_Bong]  
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Joined: Apr 2015
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That is strange. I've had the AI do weird things from time to time but not as a matter of routine.

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#4545387 - 11/18/20 08:41 PM Re: A.I. flown planes exceeding their specifications [Re: KRT_Bong]  
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Heinkells are flown by Fighter pilots despite being as maneuverable as a C-47,

Bo'x QMB set the flight same parameters for fighter and bombers, so the heavies try dogfight. smile

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